Online Graduate Certificate

Nonprofit Management

An Online Graduate Certificate for Nonprofit Professionals

The University of Connecticut Online Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management provides you with the skill-sets to navigate the multifaceted roles and complex work environment of the nonprofit sector. At UConn, we understand that high expectations are placed upon you and your nonprofit organization. UConn’s faculty are experts and leaders in the nonprofit field. Our part-time, 12-credit online graduate certificate is designed to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and faculty-led, peer-to-peer interaction to help you thrive in your nonprofit work and career.

Strengthening Your Capacity to Lead

For Current Practitioners

Our faculty’s focus is to strengthen your capacity to impact your work, career goals and your nonprofit. Each week, you will learn and strengthen core nonprofit management and operational skill sets that you can use now at your nonprofit. Each course has specifically developed assignments that allow you to bring current specific challenges your organization is facing to your learning; allowing you to have an immediate impact on your organization while you learn.

For Those Entering the Field

For students not yet working in the field, we design assignments for you using solid case studies from the nonprofit sector that provide you with a strong foundation of solid practice and approach to the challenges of the sector. In addition, many of our courses partner with top nonprofits who allow you to work with them on a current issues in your course assignment.

Alumni Profiles

Susan BibisiSusan Bibisi - Nonprofit Management Online Grad Cert Testimonial

Managing Director
HeartBeat Ensemble

Through the Nonprofit Management Graduate Certificate, not only have I learned how to run a nonprofit, I've also had the benefit of the professors who are in the field themselves and have helped me sort through the real-life challenges I've encountered in my job. I learned the theory behind decisions in a nonprofit environment, which has given me a solid grounding in the field.

Mark Webb

Bishop Mark J. Webb

Jessica Hinman Camp Courant Headshot

Jessica Hinman

Sokoloski Samantah

Samantha Sokoloski

Your Instructors are Seasoned Practitioners

Our instructors are University of Connecticut Public Policy faculty and leading practitioners in the field of nonprofit management. Your are learning with subject matter experts in leadership, organization management, nonprofit finance, program development and evaluation, fund development, grant writing, governance, and public policy. Our faculty use bring a variety of real-life experiences to the classroom in order to illustrate concepts; making abstract ideas more meaningful and easier for you to see how they can apply to your work back at your organization.

Learn Across the Sector

Your learning peers include nonprofit professionals from across the country, fields and experiences (From CEOs, development directors, program managers; to those just starting in the field and full-time graduate students). The result is a highly dynamic class environment that brings together a rich mix of seasoned knowledge, real-life experience, various perspectives, and different opinions that strengthens the class dialogue and your learning experience.

The Department of Public Policy offers a scholarship for current Nonprofit Certificate students.

The Curriculum

You must complete four of the below 3-credit graduate courses.

Required Courses:
PP 5323 - Leading and Governing Nonprofit Organizations
PP 5328 - Business Functions for Nonprofits

Choose two courses from the four below:
PP 5336 - Fund Development and Nonprofit Sustainability
PP 5366 - Executive Leadership
PP 5319 - Program Development and Evaluation
PP 5324 - Grant Writing and Fund Development for Nonprofit Organizations

Read the full course descriptions here

More About the UConn Online Experience

Yes, there are deadlines. But with an online course you can work at your own pace and on your own time – at home or at the office. You will quickily discover that our online platform creates a highly interactive, collaborative experience. How? Faculty members post questions to a discussion board to which students add their responses – and can respond to each other, providing invaluable feedback and insights. Students have time to think and edit before they post – and even those individuals who may be reluctant to talk in a traditional classroom setting feel more comfortable expressing their ideas and views. Due to the specifically designed structure of a UConn online course, a strong community of learners evolves very quickly in each class.

Who Should Apply?

The Nonprofit Management Online Graduate Certificate is open to seasoned professionals in field seeking to strengthen their skills and those seeking to enter the nonprofit field.

You can apply for the entire four-course program, or just take one or two courses to start. A Bachelor degree is required with a 3.0 or better GPA . Exceptions for the GPA requirement can be made based on experience in the nonprofit sector.

Certificate to MPA, MPP or the MPA Fellows Path

You can also apply the courses you take in the certificate to a full master degree (MPA or MPP) within UConn's Department of Public Policy.

To learn more set up a time to talk with our Department Head, Mohamad Alkadry. You can email Dr. Alkadry to set up a time a or give him a call at 959-200-3858.