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Marissa Mack

"The Online Graduate Certificate in Survey Research allowed me to explore the in-depth art of constructing surveys and collecting data at a prestigious institute while balancing a 9 – 5 work schedule, a rare combination."

Marissa Mack, Portfolio Manager, Sterling National Bank

A 12-Credit Online Graduate Certificate Program for Professionals

Are you being tasked with designing a questionnaire to gather data on consumer preferences? Do you understand how attitudes form and how this can influence the results of research? Do you have the skills to prepare and present executive summaries of survey findings? Are you familiar with new technologies that enable you to collect data in entirely unique ways? Do you know what's in store for the future of Survey Research?

Advantages of the Survey Research Program

Practical Real-World Skills

Each week, you'll get right down to work, learning a new set of practical skills that you can take directly to your workplace – or develop skills that will help you get a new job. You can even use your assignments as a way to work on actual projects, so you can have an immediate impact on your organization. And our courses are designed to replicate the work environment; so don't expect to stay in your shell and do your own thing. You will continually work with and learn from your classmates.

Practitioners Who Teach What They Practice Every Day

All of our instructors are leading practitioners in the field of Survey Research and subject matter experts in questionnaire design, political polling, attitude formation, project management, among other key topics. They use a variety of real-life experiences to illustrate concepts, making abstract ideas more meaningful and easier for you to see how they can apply to your responsibilities.

Diverse Student Base with Diverse Experiences

The courses include working professionals from all over the world, as well as full-time Master's students. As a result, the student body brings together a rich mix of seasoned knowledge, real-life experience, various perspectives, and different opinions to strengthen the quality of education for all students.

100% Online

Yes, there are deadlines. But our online platform – allows to work at your own pace and on your own time – at home or at the office. You may also be surprised to discover that our online platform creates a highly interactive, collaborative experience. How? Faculty members post questions to a discussion board to which students add their responses – and can respond to each other, providing invaluable feedback and insights. Students have time to think and edit before they post – and even those individuals who may be reluctant to talk in a traditional classroom setting feel more comfortable expressing their ideas and views.

The fully online four course 12-credit program, which can be completed in one year, gives you the skills and competencies you'll need to conduct high quality survey research in virtually any sector, from academia to government agencies to global Fortune 500 companies. You can choose from more than 17 courses to develop specific competencies in such areas as questionnaire design, sampling techniques, statistical data analysis, data presentation, and public opinion formation. The certificate courses can be applied to the Master of Arts in Survey Research.

Keene Robert

"The Online Graduate Certificate in Survey Research was attractive to me because it is completely on-line, it has high quality faculty, and overall institutional reputation."

Robert M. Keen, Director of Information Technology, University Center for Social & Urban Research, University of Pittsburgh

Administrative Home

The Survey Research Certificate is administered by the Graduate Program in Survey Research, a fully-online program.