Yizhi Zhu

Expected MPA 2018

Yizhi is an international student from China. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration from Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Hubei province. He was originally interested in Urban Design but eventually decided to switch his academic concentration to Public Finance during his sophomore year in college. During that year, Yizhi realized his strengths in quantitative analysis and is determined to influence policy making with his analytical skills. His work experience encompasses a wide array of areas. He worked as a data analyst at a local tax agency in Huang’gang and was a research intern at a local news center in Wuhan, the capital city of the province. He was also a teaching assistant and a basketball coach at a Hubei elementary school.

Yizhi was attracted to the UConn Master of Public Policy (MPP) program primarily because of its “amazing curriculum and internship opportunities.” As an international student, he values the reputation of a school and the real-life learning opportunities it has to offer. After a thorough research, he decided that UConn’s MPP program can give him both and will “get me to where I want to be.” Yizhi is excited about the internship opportunity at his second year as he looks forward to “getting a taste” of what it is like to work for an American organization.

One thing he really enjoys about the program is the helpfulness of his peers. “This is such an inclusive and inspiring environment,” Yizhi said, “and I really feel like I am getting to know this country and its culture a little better each day.” After graduation, Yizhi wants to pursue a Ph.D. degree in education policy. He hopes to work for a non-profit organization eventually but has yet to find out where his next adventure is going to be. As a passionate basketball player, Yizhi heard about UConn’s 2014 NCAA basketball dual championship from Chinese sports channels and has been a Husky fan since then.

Yizhi Zhu
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