Vanessa Maturo

MPA, 2013

MA, Survey Research, 2013

Client Service Analyst at Gallup

Vanessa Maturo currently is a Client Service Analyst at Gallup, where she specializes in survey methodology.
Prior to entering the MPA program, Vanessa graduated from Saint Joseph’s University with Bachelor’s degrees in Economics and International Relations. Pursuing an MPA seemed like the natural next step. After taking several classes in her first semester, Vanessa discovered the Survey Research program and knew that it aligned perfectly with where she saw her career going in the next several years. To solidify her interest in research, Vanessa interned with The Pert Group, a market research firm in Farmington, CT. After graduating from UCONN, Vanessa worked as a Research Analyst at the Keller Fay Group, a market research firm specializing in word of mouth and consumer advocacy. There, she worked closely with designing and implementing custom surveys and the management of a large syndicated tracking study, as well as managing client accounts.

Reflecting specifically on her time at UCONN, Vanessa notes that “the survey research faculty, particularly Jenn Dineen and Thomas Craemer, imparted some valuable skills and knowledge to me that I still draw upon in my day-to-day role. From using statistics in analyses, to designing surveys/studies, my experience as a GPSR student has proven invaluable and extremely relevant to my work experiences. The survey research program was very technical and specialized, and I do not think I would have had the same breadth and depth of learning in other programs.”

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