Tyler Terbrusch

Expected MPA 2018

Tyler earned a dual degree in Political Science and Economics with a minor in Environmental Economics and Policy from UConn. After joining UConn Community Outreach and travelling to Tennessee, Alabama and a few other states to help local communities, he became passionate about economic development. The experience made him curious about how policies, especially economic and environmental policies, can affect people’s lives in a profound way. He is now determined to combine his interests in policy analysis with his academic background in economics and political science.

After obtaining his Bachelor’s degrees, Tyler felt the need to further his education and to hone his skills in policy-related areas. “A Master’s degree in Public Administration became the next logical step for me, as it offers in-depth knowledge pertaining to policy analysis and public management. I also decided to further my understanding in economics with a Master’s degree in Economics.”  He considers time management skills essential in managing a heavy course load. “The key is to make a reasonable schedule and stick to it as much as you can,” says Tyler.  He looks forward to the internship opportunity during the second year of the program. “It will allow me to build up my professional experience and get me closer to my career goal.” After graduation, Tyler hopes to use the analytical skills he obtained from school to influence policy-making and make a positive impact on the local community.

Tyler used to be a First Year Experience Mentor at UConn and understands how important it is for new students to actively seek help and advice. For upcoming first year students Tyler would recommend that they reach out to professors and peers for help whenever they can. Tyler was also a part of UConn’s Woodsmen team, a group that participates and competes in lumberjack shows and competitions.

Tyler Terbrusch
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