Sadie Colcord

Expected MPA 2017

Sadie is a Fast-Track Master of Public Administration (MPA) student. She earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics and a Minor in Urban and Community Studies from UConn. She became aware of UConn’s MPA program through her boss at her internship, who is an alum of the program. Sadie is passionate about urban economic development, especially with respect to issues surrounding affordable housing and income inequality. She currently interns at the Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA) and at the Connecticut Economic Resource Center (CERC). With her two internships, she finds it helpful to have a flexible class schedule. “I definitely have a full schedule,” says Sadie, “but since all of my classes start at 4pm or later, I am able to work at my internships during the day and take classes at night. I am glad it worked out – the internships gave me great professional experience and networking opportunities.”

Having learned about the Fast-Track Program during her junior year of undergrad, Sadie took enough graduate level courses as an undergraduate student and is able finish her MPA degree in just a year. In the program, she enjoys working with other students on group projects. “This program has allowed me to collaborate with people with similar goals and aspirations as mine, which benefited me tremendously.”

Right now, Sadie is focused on finding a way to combine her interest in economic development, public policy, and her economics background. She hopes to work for a nonprofit organization specializing in economic development to achieve a variety of social missions, such as affordable housing, urban issues, planning, and gender empowerment. Outside of her professional life, Sadie is a yogi and enjoys practicing hot yoga as a way to take a break from the hectic life of a graduate student.

Sadie Colcord
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