Rodney Romero

M.A. Survey Research, 2013

President & CEO, Le Vote Honduras

Rodney Romero has served since 1998 as President & CEO for LE VOTE HONDURAS, a survey research and consulting firm specialized in data collection and opinion polling, active in the Central American region. The company serves clients as the World Bank, the Inter-American Development Bank, Vanderbilt University, the National Democratic Institute, and The United Nations, among others. His main responsibilities are to design and execute the company´s strategic plans, design custom research projects and plans, provide insights and strategic recommendations to clients, and identifying new business opportunities. His main expertise is public opinion /political polling and his greatest interest is in survey methodology.

Rodney has founded two polling companies, the first survey research of Honduras called REFERENDUM, in 1994, and LE VOTE in 1998. He has also been for many years a permanent columnist writer about public policies in the most influential daily newspaper of Honduras, Diario La Tribuna. Furthermore, he has served as political advisor to many presidential candidates and two Presidents of Honduras. He is also a member of the AAPOR (American Association of Public Opinion Research) and WAPOR (World Association of Public Opinion Research).

Rodney holds a Master of Arts in Survey Research from the University of Connecticut (2013) along with a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette (1990). He was originally attracted by the fully online platform of the UCONN program. “Once I entered the program I was amazed by the high caliber of professors and I really enjoy all the classes, which I considered very interesting and useful. This program definitely made me redesign my business, my services and even the way I approach and serve my clients”.

Rodney´s new plan is to launch a new international research firm called LE VOTE INTERNATIONAL focused in election polling and Hispanic research around the world, which will be home based at Atlanta, Georgia. He lives now in Honduras, Central America, with his wife Alma Leticia and his son Ricardo. His daughter Pamela is now attending Emory University in the States. He enjoys following world politics and soccer.

Rodney Romero
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