Rob Hebert, SR.

Vice President of Business Development and Re-entry Affairs

Career Resources, Inc.

Rob grew up in Plymouth, Connecticut and is a graduate of Central Connecticut State University. He is currently the Vice President of Business Development and Re-entry Affairs at Career Resources, Inc. Over the last twenty years, Rob has worked the full spectrum of social services positions, including Mental Health and Addiction Services, Law Enforcement, Probation, and Prison Re-entry. Most recently Rob was the senior Job Developer and Media Spokesperson for the State of Connecticut’s STRIDE program, which served every community in Connecticut that accepted discharged inmates. He has built longstanding relationships with the business community as well as various media outlets and state agencies.

As of January 2018, he will also be serving as the Bridgeport Re-entry Council’s chairperson and also serves on the advisory board for the Bridgeport’s Mayor’s Initiative for Re-entry affairs. In the fall of 2018 Rob was chosen to serve on the Criminal Justice committee of Governor Lamont’s transition team.

He has lived in Naugatuck with his wife Katie and daughters Amaya and Brooklyn for the last 8 years.

Rob Hebert
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