Rebecca Strott

MA, Survey Research, 2018

Director of Insights, My-Take

Rebecca Strott is currently working as the Director of Insights at My-Take, a company specializing in online insight communities. Online communities are an emerging research method to ascertain consumer feedback. Online communities work well with the need for quick feedback in the digital age. Rebecca works with clients across several industries and has several Fortune 500 companies in her portfolio. She oversees survey methodology, client development, project management, as well as insights and analysis for her team.

Previously, Rebecca worked for Carnegie Communications as a senior market research analyst, where she performed traditional qualitative and quantitative research for higher education clients. In this role, she was able to discover her love for the Market Research industry.

Rebecca’s advice to current students is to make sure they stay on top of new trends and technologies. Like other industries, the research space is constantly evolving, and understanding where it may go is important for your career. 

Rebecca Strott received her M.A. in Survey Research from UConn in 2018. She also holds a B.S. in Marketing and a LSM in Global Perspectives from Bentley University. Rebecca lives outside of Worcester, MA with her husband. They recently welcomed their first child, a daughter.

Rebecca Strott
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