Parashar Patel

MPA, 1991

Senior Vice President, Government Affairs and Market Access, ViewRay

Parashar Patel (MPA 1991) Parashar is Senior Vice President, Government Affairs & Market Access at ViewRay.  ViewRay makes a difference for oncology patients and their physicians by combining the latest innovations in radiation delivery with ground-breaking MR image guidance and real-time adaptive capabilities.

Collaborating with the Executive Leadership Team and senior executive peers, Parashar shapes the growth trajectory and strategy for the company.  He leads global efforts to demonstrate the value proposition of ViewRay’s differentiating technologies in support of policy, coverage, payment, and adoption of MRIdian in cancer treatment in key global markets, including the United States. He is also responsible for implementing and leading all aspects of market access including the strategic vision, plans and objectives required to both enable and accelerate corporate growth.

Parashar began the MPA program as an undergraduate after being introduced to David Walker. Even before enrolling, Parashar was interested in working for a government agency, but was unsure of what he wanted for his future. Dave suggested he enroll in some graduate courses, which helped Parashar realize that the MPA program was right for him. Parashar completed his MPA on a part-time basis while working for Connecticut’s Medicaid agency. Upon receiving his degree Parashar again followed the advice of his mentor and headed to Washington as a Presidential Management Intern.

During his time in the program, he took a general administration track, knowing he wanted to be an effective leader. Reflecting on the skills he learned while completing his degree, Parashar emphasized the importance of critical analysis. The ability to take a situation, obtain the facts, and develop courses of action is an important element of any role in the public or private sector. These analytic skills are ones Parashar also desires in his team members.

When asked what advice he would give to current students of the program, Parashar provided several suggestions. He stated the importance of critical analysis and communication. Parashar reemphasized students should have the ability to assess a situation and develop options and communicate effectively to a range of audiences. The ability to provide information to be understood by both professionals and the public is a highly desired skill for any public official. He also stressed the importance of networking with those in your policy area.

Parashar Patel
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