Nancy Lin

MPA, 2015

Budget Analyst, NYC Office of Management and Budget

Nancy Lin is currently a budget analyst for NYC’s Office of Management and Budget. NYC’s OMB is a very large oversight agency, overseeing an annual expense budget around $80 billion and preparing and monitoring the budgets and programs of all city agencies. OMB is divided into different task forces. She is in the miscellaneous revenue task force which in general, oversees revenues not related to taxes or grants. As a budget analyst, she monitors and forecasts the revenue streams of specific city agencies. She also stays up-to-date with policies and bills, paying particular attention to activities from the NYC City Council, for regulation changes to fee structures, new revenue sources, etc.

Prior to beginning the MPA program, Nancy attended Cornell University as an undergraduate where she majored in Economics & China and Asia-Pacific Studies. Nancy has intern experience with CCE, a non-profit organization, as well as the EPA. Her hobbies include baking, long-distance running, and playing the piano.

While enrolled in the MPA program Nancy worked at the Office of Fiscal Analysis, a nonpartisan office that serves the Connecticut General Assembly, for her IPP. “I assist in the preparation/analysis of expenditures and revenues associated with the state budget. I also provide extensive research and fiscal analysis of public policy issues for state decision-makers. Some large projects I have completed so far: (1) establishing a database of all CT magnet schools (there are around 90) containing pertinent data such as historical student enrollment and construction grants, (2) designed a dynamic and automated spreadsheet of economic indicators used in a biweekly report to the director of OFA, and (3) developed a model forecasting revenues to CT from the 1998 Master Tobacco Settlement Agreement.”

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