Michelle Huggins

MPA (Fellows), 2020

Paralegal Specialist, Legal Services Division, CT Department of Motor Vehicles

Michelle has worked at small and large law firms in the private sector in CT and MA for over 20 years, and has worked in the public sector in CT for over 4 years.  Her background includes experience in estate administration, real estate, corporate, family, and administrative law.

Michelle has been the Paralegal Specialist for the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (“Department”) for the past 4 ½ years. Her responsibilities include, but are not limited to, working with State’s Attorneys in CT, MA, NY, PA, NJ, VA and FL, and preparing and producing documents and witnesses to subpoenas and grand jury matters that involve motor vehicle and vessel records. Michelle is also the liaison between the Department and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Federal Drug Task Force, and Department of Homeland Security regarding federal motor vehicle crime matters. She enjoys her job immensely and plays a key role in her Department by working alongside the legal staff to research and address matters that deal with the ownership and registration of motor vehicles and vessels in CT.  Michelle also works very closely with the Department’s Document Integrity Unit, which addresses license fraudulent matters and identity theft cases. Michelle also assists the Department’s Freedom of Information coordinator on FOI requests, and is a resource for the Department’s Branch Operations on a variety of motor vehicle issues.

Michelle’s hobbies include traveling, mentoring youth, reading, cooking, baking, and sewing.  She is enjoying her time at UConn, and feels very honored and grateful to be a part of the first UConn MPA Fellows Cohort, and the class of 2020.

Michelle Huggins
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