Marissa Mack

Graduate Certificate in Survey Research

Portfolio Manager, Sterling National Bank

Marissa Y. Mack is currently a Portfolio Manager for the not for profit Commercial Banking sector of Sterling National Bank. Sterling offers a complete line of commercial, business, and consumer banking products and services for businesses and individuals throughout the New York Metropolitan area. In her role, Marissa works with a myriad of organizations, from homeless shelters to schools for special needs children, analyzing their current financial positions and market strength in order to make future lending recommendations. Part of what energizes Marissa every day is knowing that the work she does helps keep public service organizations operating to the best of their ability.
Prior to working for Sterling National Bank, Marissa worked for a financial consulting firm in Stamford, CT. Here she reviewed questionnaires and data collected from some of the leading global investment and commercial banks. In this role Marissa began to explore the world of survey research and design and decided to enroll at UConn to further her knowledge.

Marissa received her Certificate in Survey Research from UConn in 2014. The program allowed her to explore the in-depth art of constructing surveys and collecting data at a prestigious institute while balancing a 9 – 5 work schedule, a rare combination. During her studies, the most memorable experience was traveling to Haiti with Professor Thomas Creamer. As one of five students chosen, Marissa and other Public Policy peers volunteered to help reconstruct homes after the 2010 earthquake. They compared reports given on the conditions of the country and the actual conditions of the area, finding discrepancies in the information collected. “The experience was humbling in so many ways. The area was undoubtedly in dismay, but the joy and spirit of the people were largely undervalued by the media,” Marissa states.

Since receiving her certificate, Marissa has used her degree in survey creation to help gather information for her community board, Manhattan Community Board 11, where she currently serves as Treasurer of the Board and sits on the Economic Development Committee. She also serves as Co-op president of her building, where she uses various questionnaires to foster clearer communication and information requests.

Marissa is constantly finding use for her certificate in various areas of her life and is grateful for the education she received from the Survey Research program at UConn.

Marissa Mack
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