Luan Ceka

MPA, 2019

Community Programs Coordinator in the Leisure and Social Services Department, Town of West Hartford

Luan was born and raised in Albania. He graduated in 1997 from the Albania Police Academy in Criminal Justice where he worked for over 8 years in the Albanian State Police. He began as an investigator and was soon promoted to Chief of Criminal Division, then Chief of Police, and eventually became a Lecturer at the Police Academy School, among other positions in the Albanian State Police. During this period, he completed various training with both the United States & European Union’s law enforcement agencies. In 2006 he came to the United States and is a proud U.S. Citizen since 2013.

From the time he arrived in America in 2006, he has worked in the construction, security, and transportation industries. Luan worked for the City of Hartford for over 7 years in the Housing Division/Development Services Department until May 2019.

Currently, Luan works as a Community Programs Coordinator in the Leisure and Social Services Department in the Town of West Hartford. At his job, he manages a Housing Rehabilitation Program, oversees Capital Improvement Projects regarding compliances with HUD guidelines, and works for Town that Cares Division qualifying and helping residents with the services offered by the division. Luan is a liaison with a Neighborhood Assistance Program for the Town of West Hartford. Also, his job responsibility is to work with the Town Planner in completing environmental reviews for all HUD-funded projects in the Town of West Hartford.

Luan ambitiously continued his education to foster his personal growth and professional development, hoping to serve as a valued asset to the community. He completed the MPA program in 2019 and is using that knowledge to make a difference as an employee in local government.

His advice to upcoming students is: “It is never too early or too late to grow professionally,” and “there is no better place than UConn to accomplish that.”

Luan Ceka
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