Kory Mills

MPA, 2017

Management and Budget Analyst, City of Hartford

Prior to beginning the MPA program, Kory attended CCSU where he graduated with a degree in History and International Studies, with a focus on Latin America. Kory spent four years on CCSU’s Student Government where he was a member of their Finance Committee, with two years as the Chair of the Finance Committee and the Treasurer of the Student Government. He participated in two internships simultaneously: the Connecticut General Assembly for Representative Melissa Ziobron and the Connecticut historical magazine, CT Explored. He has done original research on nationalism in Former Yugoslavia and how the nationalism of Fidel Castro impacted the Cuban Revolution and its aftermath. Kory is a very talented Latin American dancer who specializes in Salsa, Bachata, and Merengue. He is also a dedicated soccer player and is an avid supporter of Manchester United Football Club.

Kory decided to enrich his future even further by earning his MPA at UConn due to the extremely high rate of success for those who graduate this program. He was impressed by the strong network the program maintains with Alumni and by the career placements of recent Alumni. He was attracted to the mission statement and the program’s dedication in instilling their graduates with a strong commitment to public service and civic engagement. During his studies, he was able to take strong courses such as Race & Policy, Public Budgeting and Finance,and Education Financing Policy.

Kory’s goal in life has always been to return to his home city of Hartford, Connecticut in order to bring life and vibrancy in to a city that has largely become known for it’s increased poverty rates and its inability to commit to it’s residents. Kory has planned on pursing a career in urban municipalities and local educational administration. Due to his completion of the MPA program at UConn, Kory has been able to extend his graduate internship with the City of Hartford to a full-time position as a Management and Budget Analyst. While Hartford still struggles to revitalize any part of the city that isn’t situated Downtown, there are flickers of life in the heart of the city that bodes well the for the rest of Hartford as a whole. Kory hopes with that by acquiring his MPA and becoming an active participant in Hartford’s future, he can bring change for the better to the City of Hartford.

Kory Mills
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