Julie Linville

MA, Survey Research, 2014

Survey Research Scientist in the Survey Research Division at RTI International

Julie Linville graduated from the GPSR program in May 2014. She is currently a Survey Research Scientist in the Survey Research Division at RTI International in Research Triangle Park, NC. As an undergraduate at UNC-Chapel Hill, Julie thought that nothing could sway her from her dream to be a nationally-renowned broadcaster. How wrong she was! She took a job as a research assistant in the School of Medicine her freshman year and she was hooked on health sciences research. After graduation, Julie worked as a study coordinator at UNC-Chapel Hill, then with a private company. A chance opportunity to work on an evaluation project solidified her interest in survey research. Many of her clients conducted surveys as part of their evaluations and Julie was hooked. “I love trying to find the perfect question wording to get the answer I need for my research question.”

When Julie decided she wanted to further her education in survey research, she was drawn to UCONN’s GPSR because it was fully online. “I was married and had a young daughter when I decided to get my Master’s degree, so quitting my job and relocating for an in-person program wasn’t a possibility for me.” Having heard horror stories from friends and colleagues about their online degree programs that required a lot of reading and little interaction with professors and classmates, Julie was a bit nervous about the GPSR program. However, her nerves quickly dissolved when she took her first course and discovered the format would include PowerPoint audio lectures and conversations with classmates and professors via discussion boards. “I liked that I could rewind a lecture or listen to it again if I didn’t catch something the first time. You can’t do that in a classroom!” Julie highly recommends that everyone take the Attitude Formation course. “Learning how people form their opinions was fascinating to me and has really shaped how I ask questions. I think it is an important foundation course for anyone engaged in survey research.”

For all parents who are worried about going back to school, Julie wants them to know it is absolutely possible to work full-time, have a child and go to school. “My daughter was 19 months old when I began my Master’s degree. She was a terrible napper, so I couldn’t spent my weekends doing schoolwork. But with a mixture of organization and determination, I managed to finish the program in two-and-a-half years while only doing schoolwork two hours a night. So, it can be done!”

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