Jason J. Giulietti

MPA, 2004

Vice President of Business Recruitment, Connecticut Economic Resource Center

Jason J. Giulietti is a 2004 UConn MPA graduate. He is currently the Vice President of Business Recruitment for the Connecticut Economic Resource Center. In his position, he focuses on ensuring the long term economic vitality of the state by attracting companies, both domestically and internationally, to locate and operate in the state. Jason loves all aspects of his job and the many different people he gets to interface with on a daily basis. Whether it is working with a company in another part of the world or a high tech company looking to better leverage a position closer to a company in state, he loves the idea of utilizing public policy tools while selling folks on all the great things Connecticut has to offer.

Jason attended UCONN as an undergraduate with a major in political science. Like many Political Science majors, he thought law school was the best track for him until he took a public policy analysis class with Amy Donahue. He was fascinated with what he learned in the class so much so that he began asking faculty about similar classes. Jason then enrolled in the MPA program and found himself immersed into the world of public administration. Through the MPA program, Jason was constantly thrown into real life situations for which he needed to create solutions. He enjoyed learning new tools and approaches that continue to help himself and his organization succeed.

Jason’s advice to current MPA students is to leverage the alumni network. The UCONN MPA program owns the public policy arena in the state of Connecticut. Every classmate and fellow alumni that he has met has always been extremely welcoming and willing to do just about anything to support the MPA students and alumni. Jason states that, “It is this ‘private school’ mentality that permeates through the veins of MPA grads that is among its great assets. From a simple chat looking for advice, to interviewing for a position, the alumni are an untapped asset that every MPA student should consider at their disposal.”

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