Jake Soffronoff

MPA, 2011

M.A. Survey Research, 2011

Public Policy Analyst, USPS Office of Inspector General

Jake Soffronoff enrolled at the University of Connecticut in 2009 to take his career in a new direction following nearly a decade of working in the flavor industry. He graduated with both a Master of Arts in Survey Research and an MPA with a concentration in Economic Policy Analysis in 2011.

After graduation, Jake spent several years working at YouGov on custom market research projects for fortune 100 companies. At YouGov, Jake worked on all phases of often-complex projects that relied heavily on the technical skill set he had developed during his time at UConn.

Following his tenure at YouGov, Jake worked for the Peace Corps as a Management Analyst. In this role, Jake managed the agency’s three most prominent survey research projects, which were fielded in multiple languages to 55+ countries around the world and often required the implementation of innovative research methods in order to receive useful results. Additionally, Jake often worked in a consultative capacity for other offices throughout the agency, including acting as a primary contributor on a team that worked on market research focused on rebranding the Peace Corps for the millennial generation.

Jake left his role at the Peace Corps to join the USPS Office of Inspector General’s Risk Analysis Research Center (RARC) as a Public Policy Analyst. In this position, Jake established internal survey research capacity for his office from the ground up, allowing him to direct, manage and execute survey research projects in their entirety at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing the work. His first project, “Public Perception of Drone Delivery in the United States,” was announced at a White House Office of Science and Technology Policy event in 2016, and its report received press coverage in outlets including the Washington Post, Bloomberg BNA, Business Insider, and Federal News Radio.

Jake was attracted to UConn’s Department of Public Policy because of the rigor of its programs, the faculty’s eagerness to work with him to get the most he could out of his work, and the network of alumni that could assist him after graduation. While he initially came to UConn for its MPA program, once he was exposed to survey research he quickly discovered his love for the field and has been very happy with the way his dual degrees set him up for a career that puts his technical skills to use for the public good.

While studying at UConn, Jake most enjoyed the program’s quantitative analysis courses, along with the survey methodology courses that provided him with the specific skills that he needed to excel in his field. He has found that the skills-based courses he took were extremely valuable in giving him an edge in the both the private and public sector labor markets.

Jake currently lives in the DC metro area, and maintains regular contact with many of his fellow UConn alumni.


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