Jackie Riberdy

Social Media Assistant

Department of Public Policy


BA, Political Science, University of Connecticut, expected 2021

Jackie Riberdy

Jackie Riberdy is a social media assistant in the Department of Public Policy (DPP). She is earning her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from the University of Connecticut and has been in the DPP Fast-Track Program since her sophomore year. She was recently accepted into the Master of Public Policy program and intends to focus on Social Policy to learn how to reverse economic disparities in society.

Currently, Jackie is the treasurer of two campus clubs, Revolution Against Rape (RAR) and Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Honors Society. With RAR, she is helping to develop workshops to educate high school students in Connecticut on the importance of consent. 

Someday Jackie hopes to revisit Perugia, Italy, where she studied abroad in the Spring of the 2020 semester. Through travel and exposure to countries like Italy, Jackie plans to integrate international policy approaches with skills learned through the DPP.

Jackie Riberdy
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