Hanna Nagy

Expected MPA 2018

Hanna earned a double major in Political Science and Human Rights from UConn. She was in the MPA Fast-Track program as an undergraduate student. As a Fast-Track student, she took some graduate-level public policy courses and really enjoyed them. Hanna knew she wanted to go to graduate school after she got her Bachelor’s, but was undecided as to which program she should attend. “I was passionate about policy analysis and always wanted to make a difference in public policies related to economic development,” says Hanna, “so I thought Law School would be my only option. However, after a thorough conversation with the Department Director, I realized that an MPA is more widely applicable and would help me get where I wanted to be faster.”

In her first year as an MPA student, Hanna enjoyed the diverse and inclusive environment of the program. She also gained valuable insight into policy analysis. She thinks anyone who intends to join the program should take full advantage of the resources that are available to students. “You’d be surprised by how much help you can get from the faculty, staff members and your peers. All you need to do is to ask.”

Hanna’s greatest challenge so far in the program is time management. “Balancing personal life and work can be difficult at times, especially during midterms and finals. But I am getting better at it each day.” After graduation, Hanna sees herself working in a nonprofit or public organization as a policy analyst. She thinks the MPA program would provide her with skillsets that she deemed necessary for the policy analyst role she plans to pursue once she graduates. She currently works as a Graduate Assistant at the Department of Public Policy. She looks forward to her internship placement in her second year, which she believes will bring her closer to her career goal.

Hanna Nagy
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