Haakon Weyel

MPA, 2016

Financial Literacy Program Manager (AmeriCorps), Housatonic Community College

Haakon is currently serving in AmeriCorps as a financial literacy program manager at Housatonic Community College in Bridgeport, CT.  His primary responsibilities include managing student workers, developing formal project proposals, and acting as a formal liaison between the college and the Greater Bridgeport metropolitan area.  He earned both a B.A. in Political Science (2015) and a Master of Public Administration Degree with a Certificate in Nonprofit Management (2016) from the University of Connecticut.

As an undergraduate student, Haakon performed comparative research on global levels of civic engagement.  He enrolled in UConn’s M.P.A. Fast-Track program soon afterwards because he recognized the opportunity to gain excellent policy experience while working towards both of his degrees simultaneously.  This combined approach highlighted the practical application of public administration and offered him a first glimpse into the world of public service.  He used his graduate assistantship and internship to further develop his abilities and learn how to apply theoretical knowledge in the workplace.

Haakon plans to enroll in an accelerated nursing program in the near future and use both his healthcare and administrative experiences to enter a highly-rewarding career.  The skills that he gained from UConn’s degree programs have already proven invaluable in his year of service and he knows that they will continue to play an essential role in his future.  Haakon recommends that students get to know their professors and fellow classmates as soon as possible, and to remember that teamwork and cooperation are imperative for success.

Haakon Weyel
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