Eric Gray

MPA 2008

Non-Partisan staff member for the Program Review and Investigations Committee of the Connecticut General Assembly

Eric Gray is a 2008 graduate of the University of Connecticut’s Master of Public Administration program. He currently works for the Program Review and Investigations Committee of the Connecticut General Assembly. Eric is part of a 12 person non-partisan office and works closely with other non-partisan analysis offices of the state legislature. As a non-partisan staff member, Eric serves the needs and interests of elected officials in his committee and interacts with a wide variety of stakeholders and interested parties. His coursework and experience from the MPA program has translated directly to his day to day responsibilities. Things such as team work, research, and being able to objectively provide analysis and evidence to address the issue at hand. Eric and other analysts perform year-long reviews of state programs, policies, and issue areas. His favorite thing about his job is that each year he is asked to look into new and different areas of state government, and with it, get to use different analytical methodologies.

Through the MPA program, Eric worked closely with the faculty and staff. In particular, his advisor. With the help of his advisor, he worked on his capstone project that used advanced statistical techniques to find statistically significant effects within measures of educational achievement. He also assisted in creating a survey to measure the impact of various educational programs and policies on reducing racial isolation and improving cross-racial attitudes. Additionally, working on the survey project allowed him to also work with several other faculty members and student peers, both in and out of the MPA program. This collaboration showed him the power of asking for the advice and assistance of experts in other fields, which has been vital part for him to study a wide variety of topic areas.

Eric’s plans for the future is to continue doing work that makes a real impact on the government policies, programs, and also makes the public service sector better for all involved. Eric is content with program evaluation but the MPA program has prepared him for several types of careers in areas such as public finance and educational achievement measurement and response. He could see himself following a path to more academic research career.

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