Elica Atanasovska

Expected MPA 2017

BA, General Studies, University of Connecticut-Stamford

As an international student from Macedonia, Elica attended the University of Connecticut Stamford, CT completing her Bachelor’s degree in an interdisciplinary major of General Studies. While pursuing her studies, Elica had an internship with the Stamford Public Education Foundation, serving as a mentor to several sixth and fifth grade students. She loves baking, watching Chopped, long walks, and going to Cape Cod. Her drive in life is to learn something new every day, even if it is as simple as a new word.

Elica was interested in joining the MPA program primarily because of the incredibly high rate of graduate employment. The network that students and alumni have built, speaks volumes of the program’s success and popularity. She is thrilled to be a part of such a tight community of fellow students that are always ready to help out each other with school work or getting around campus. She is interested in taking the Human Resources class and so far enjoys Financial Management.

Upon graduating, she is hoping to acquire a meaningful position in government and improve society for all. Best advice for new students – there is nothing hard or difficult when you have to do it.

Elica Atanasovska
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