Corinne Seibert

MPA Fellows, Class of 2021

Staff Attorney 3, State of Connecticut Department of Social Services

Corinne is a staff attorney with 9 years experience practicing law in a government setting at both the federal and state level. Previously, Corinne worked for the federal government doing advisory and enforcement work for the U.S. Office of Special Counsel in the area of federal employment law and ethics. In 2014, Corinne transitioned to the State of Connecticut where she is a staff attorney for the Department of Social Services and advises on a variety of general law matters. She is the agency legal subject matter expert on contracts, data and privacy, affirmative action and ADA, employment, ethics, and Freedom of Information, among other topics.

Corinne is a magna cum laude graduate of the University of Miami School of Law and a graduate with Honors in General Scholarship from Trinity College with degree in Philosophy.

Corinne is an avid yogi and passionate dog lover, and enjoys hiking and exploring all the Connecticut has to offer.

Corinne Seibert
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