Beverne Cordner

MPA Fellows, Class of 2022

Developmental Services Case Manager, State of CT Department of Developmental Services

Beverne Cordner has been a public administration professional with the State of Connecticut since 2006. Her career focus has been in service delivery in Medicaid Waiver based (funded) programs. As a Case Manager, her primary areas of focus have been effective planning, implementation of supports in community-based programs funding, monitoring and oversight, and management of team processes for efficiency and effectiveness in using budget allocations or contract service authorizations to meet individual’s needs. Additionally, Beverne has engaged in both state and national initiatives to promote effective service delivery such as “No Wrong Door,” “Person Centered Planning,” “Parent with Cognitive Limitations” and the “Community of Practice for Supporting Families” from which a national initiative to employ the “LifeCourse Planning framework” is underway to drive service delivery in communities across the USA. Connecticut remains an earlier pioneering state of this process and Beverne is recognized nationally as one of Connecticut’s LifeCourse Ambassadors.

Beverne works to effect change politically as well. She has consulted on campaigns at both the local and state levels in CT and CO. She serves on the Board of Directors of Ella’s List, is a Member of Higher Heights, and is a Fellow of the New American Leaders.

Beverne Cordner
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