Amanda Miller

MPA 2011

Chief Experience Officer, Day Kimball Healthcare

Amanda Miller is a 2011 graduate of the University of Connecticut’s Master of Public Administration program. She currently works for Day Kimball Healthcare as the Chief Experience Officer. She has previously worked with UConn Health as an Administrative Manager. Amanda served as a junior chief of staff to the hospital’s CEO. Her work included a variety of projects including strategic planning, workforce productivity, and board of director’s presentations. Amanda’s mission is to serve through healing, teaching and discovery. She enjoys making positive influence on the patient experience, and having access to outstanding mentors to guide her through the way. Throughout her time at John Dempsey Hospital, Amanda directed several interns including MPA students participating in an IPP. She enjoyed watching the interns develop and find their interests.

For her undergraduate degree, Amanda majored in Political Science at UConn and discovered the MPA fast track program through one of her classes. Taking a course in the MPA program as an undergraduate student allowed her to become familiar with the Department of Public Policy. It gave her a chance to see the dedication of the professors, the closeness of the students, and the academic rigor of the classwork.

Amanda uses the skills she acquired from the MPA program on a daily basis. These skills include writing and interview skills. Her writing skills are used in times where she is expected to take complex data and information and summarize it in a concise, easy to understand, impactful way. The MPA program’s memo writing gave her the skills to be successful at this. Interview skills were acquired during her capstone project, where she spent a lot of time developing interview questions and interviewing board members and case studies.

Amanda’s advice to current students in the MPA program is to, “submerge yourself in the experience and lean toward your weakness. Your classmates are diverse. They have difference experiences, interests, and strengths. Learn who they are and how you can work together to become a stronger candidate, person, and teammate when you graduate. Be a resource to your fellow classmates to help them when they are struggling.”

She hopes that her passion for healthcare allows her the opportunity to shape the future of the healthcare industry. It is important to her that she keeps a positive footprint in the field.

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