Online Learning Experience

Online Learning Experience

The Online Learning Experience

Yes, there are deadlines. But our online approach to learning and web platform allows you to work at your own pace and on your own time, at home or at the office. You will quickly discover that our online platform creates a highly interactive, collaborative experience. How? Faculty members post questions to a discussion board to which students add their responses – and can respond to each other, providing invaluable feedback and insights. Students have time to think and edit before they post – and even those individuals who may be reluctant to talk in a traditional classroom setting feel more comfortable expressing their ideas and views. Due to the specifically designed structure of a UConn online course, a strong community of learners and faculty evolves very quickly in each class.

UConn Online Learning Experience

Online Courses Are Delivered Asynchronously

Asynchronous refers to fulfilling course objectives through activities that do not need to take place at the same time for all students. An example of an asynchronous activity is the discussion board or threaded discussion, where students post to the board when it is convenient to them as long as the activity is completed by a pre-determined date. This contrasts to synchronous, which means that the activity takes place at the same time for all students. An example of a synchronous activity is an exam that must be completed by all students in a class during a 3-hour window. Our program is primarily asynchronous.

Quality of Academics

Our online courses meet the same academic standards as on-site classes at the University. The primary difference is that all of the assignments, communication, and class participation are completed using various technologies. All of the traits required to be successful in graduate school—effective time management, the ability to work independently and collaboratively, and possessing the abilities to write clearly and think critically are the hallmark of our online courses.

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