Nonprofit Certificate Testimonials

Suzan Bibisi - Nonprofit Management Online Grad Cert Testimonial

“Not only have I been learning how to run a nonprofit, I’ve also had the benefit of the professors who are in the field themselves and have helped me sort through the real-life challenges I’ve encountered in my job. I'm learning the theory behind all of the decisions we make in a nonprofit environment, which is giving me a solid grounding in the field. I now feel much more confident in my skills and understanding.”

- Susan Bibisi, Managing Director for HartBeat Ensemble in Hartford

Bishop Mark J. Webb

"I don't need another degree – but I was looking for something more than an independent week-long training experience. I really wanted to find a certificate program offered through a highly reputable university. That's exactly what this is. When I complete the program in the spring of 2018, I will have earned an invaluable credential and acquired the hands-on training I need to continue growing and increasing my capacity as a leader."

- Bishop Mark J. Webb, United Methodist Church, Upper New York Area

Jessica Hinman Camp Courant Headshot

 "This is an unprecedented program. It's helping me build confidence. And it provides the knowledge and practical application you need to be successful, not only for those of us in the nonprofit community, but for students who work in the fund-raising arms of corporations. The incredible connections I'm making with the faculty and other students in my courses are invaluable."

- Jessica Hinman, Director of Community Outreach & Special Events, Camp Courant

Samantha Sokoloski

"The UConn Online Nonprofit Management Graduate Certificate has been extremely applicable to me as a young professional in the nonprofit field. I have been able to integrate my new financial understanding, assessment tools, and knowledge about building relationships and telling my organization’s story into the work I do on a daily basis. The program is particularly accessible as well. I love having the freedom of being able to log in to my online courses at any time. The certificate program has the flexibility I needed to be able to work full time and attend graduate school. I am a graduate and absolute advocate of the UConn Online Nonprofit Management Graduate Certificate."

- Samantha Sokoloski, Certificate Graduate 2015
Then: Pastoral Program Administrator, Saint Thomas More Catholic Chapel and Center at Yale University Now: Development Associate, University of Hartford

"The program provides a nice range of courses that cover the basic topics needed to understand the general operations of the modern nonprofit organization. Each course includes topics that refer back to those addressed in other courses, resulting in a fuller picture viewed from multiple angles -- programs, finances, and fundraising."

- Steve Werlin, Grant Writer, Columbus House

“The program has made me a better leader in so many ways! It has taught me to evaluate differently and to keep an open mind to others' techniques in how they develop and run their programs. In addition, I have learned useful information about grant writing and evaluating budgets in a different way than I was before.”

- Laura Burban, Director of Animal Shelter, Town of Branford and North Branford

“I have always had motivation to champion meaningful and lifelong change in the community. Because of the breadth of my overall experience in literature and thought provoking interaction with faculty and classmates through the UConn Online Graduate [Certificate] in Nonprofit Management, I now possess the staple nonprofit acumen and philanthropic business skills to be instrumental with any nonprofit I partner with. I look forward to a future of making a difference in my community and this world as a leader of a nonprofit someday. Thank you Professor Garvey and the Nonprofit Leadership Program of UConn.”

- Bobby Nims, Project Manager, Cigna and United Way’s Emerging Leader Society

“The Online Graduate [Certificate] in Nonprofit Management was the perfect complement to my MPA degree. It not only allowed me to pursue my interest in grant writing and management theory, but it also allowed me to further explore the different career paths I may be interested in. I truly feel that I have achieved something by completing this program.”

- Marley McCallister, Project Manager, Epic Systems Corporation

“UConn’s Online Graduate [Certificate] in Nonprofit Management offered me the education to be better prepared for advancement opportunities in the nonprofit field, and provided an open dialog format to collaborate and learn from fellow nonprofit professionals.”

- Katrice Sponzo, Assistant Director of Alumni Chapters and Networks, UConn Foundation