Nonprofit Certificate Curriculum

Nonprofit Certificate Curriculum

The Curriculum

You must complete four of the below 3-credit graduate courses.

Required Courses:

PP 5323 - Leading and Governing Nonprofit Organizations
PP 5328 - Business Functions for Nonprofits

Choose two courses from the four below:

PP 5336 - Fund Development and Nonprofit Sustainability
PP 5366 - Executive Leadership
PP 5319 - Program Development and Evaluation
PP 5324 - Grant Writing and Fund Development for Nonprofit Organizations

Course Descriptions

David Garvey

David Garvey

PP 5323 – Leading and Governing Nonprofit Organizations
(3-credits, Fall online)

Taught by Dr. David Garvey, Director of the Nonprofit Leadership Program

This course examines the essential practices of leading and governing a nonprofit to meet community needs. A strong focus is placed on applying leadership skills that build the organization, engage with the community and manage strategic partnerships. In addition, effective operating practices of nonprofit governing boards and the key working partnership with the CEO are examined, along with developing a leadership lens for engaging in strategic planning.

Dawn Bryant

Dawn Bryant

PP 5328 – Business Functions for Nonprofits
(3-credits, Fall online)

Taught by Dawn Bryant, CPA, Audit Director of Viola, Chrabascz, Reynolds & Co. LLP

This course examines the principles, issues and skills of financial management and accountability in managing the financial resources of a nonprofit. Topics include variance analysis, nonprofit accounting, financial statement and ratio analysis, forecasting, cash flow analysis, internal controls, and other key financial tools. A strong focus is placed on developing your proficiency in the use of financial data for organization and program decision-making, and to communicate and work with organization stakeholders (governing boards, funders and community) in using financial data and tools.

Ruodan Zhang

Ruodan Zhang

PP 5336 – Fund Development and Nonprofit Sustainability (NEW)
(3 Credits: Fall online)

Taught by Ruodan Zhang, Assistant Professor (as of August 2020), Department of Public Policy

This course will provide the student with the important skills to address the key questions and practical applications of developing funding to support the financial requirements for nonprofits to meet their mission. Key to this learning objective will be the development of the skills needed to create a fund development plan that uses diverse funding strategies to meet nonprofits’ long term financial sustainability requirements. We will examine essential aspects of key philanthropic funding methods: general fundraising, annual fund, major gift, capital, planned giving campaigns, and the demographic dynamics of giving. The course will also investigate the growing usage of new revenue development methods such online giving, earned-income enterprise, social impact bonds, and other developing methods of funding for organizational sustainability.

Mohamad Alkadry

Mohamad Alkadry

PP 5366 – Executive Leadership
(3 Credits: Hybrid: Summer Session III: May 16 - August 1, 2020)

Taught by Dr. Mohamad Alkadry, Professor, Department of Public Policy

Executive Leadership is a course designed to help participants improve their skills, behaviors, and techniques in three areas: Effective Leadership, Negotiations, and Strategic Planning. In each one of these three areas, participants will complete a series of readings and activities and simulations.

Anne McIntyre-Lahner

Anne McIntyre-Lahner

PP 5319 – Program Development and Evaluation
(3-credits, Spring online)

Spring Hartford Campus: Taught by Anne McIntyre-Lahner, former Director of Planning and Evaluation, CT Department of Children and Families

This course examines the key techniques for evaluating and improving organizational performance in public and nonprofit agencies and the ability to deal with the challenges posed by changing environments. Topics include strategic planning, program development, program implementation, evaluating effectiveness, and performance measurement to guide organization and program improvement.

Megan Gavin

Alyssa Goduti

PP 5324 – Grant Writing and Fund Development for Nonprofit Organizations
(3-credits, Spring and Summer Session 1: June 1 - July 2, 2020)

Taught by Alyssa Goduti, President & CEO of Ädelbrook

This course provides the student with the essential knowledge of the tools and practices for developing a funding portfolio that supports the work of a nonprofit organization. While the course looks at diverse funding practice it provides specific guidance on grant and proposal writing and government contracts.

Certificate Award Criteria

To be awarded a certificate, a student must satisfactorily complete (with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher) a set of courses specified in the certificate program requirements.. Please see the Graduate School Academic Regulations for further information.