Track Record

Track Record

In 2010, Encore!Hartford was launched with two objectives:

1. Reduce long-term unemployment of seasoned corporate managerial professionals aged 50 and over [1]
2. Strengthen the Connecticut nonprofit sector, through the hiring of these seasoned professionals

Five years and 109 graduates later, Encore!Hartford has done just that. [ii]


Encore Hartford 2010-2014 Employment Results

Getting an Interview with a Connecticut Nonprofit

Prior to Encore!Hartford less than 10%. After Encore!Hartford over 95% interview rate.encorect2

Employment to Date: 91% (Full, Part-time, Social Entrepreneurs)

Of those employed:

  • Full-Time 70% [iii]
  • Employed in nonprofit sector 73% [iv]
  • Retention in sector 98%

[1] Individuals younger than 50 years of age, who demonstrate potential, are also considered and accepted into the program. Historically, under-50 counts for about 10% of the Fellows in each class.
[ii] Tracked results as of 5/5/2015. Participants are tracked for 1 year after graduation.
[iii] Some are still searching for full-time, but some graduates desire only part-time employment.
[iv] To date four EH Fellows accepted positions in state or town government public agencies working in the same sphere and with similar purpose as nonprofit agencies.

Sampling of Full-time Hires in Nonprofit Fields

Chief Administrative Officer Youth Donor Relations Manager Social Service
Chief Human Resources Officer Housing Economic Security Manager Poverty
Chief Human Services Officer Health Executive Director Advocacy
Chief Marketing Officer Disabled Executive Director Elderly
Community Engagement Poverty Executive Director At-Risk Youth
Community Engagement Faith-based Executive Director Community Development
Community Network Builder Hunger Family Liaison Coordinator Youth
Development Associate Justice Family Self Sufficiency Manger Housing
Development Coordinator Domestic Violence Housing Development Manager Housing
Director of Development Literacy Manager of Research Public Safety
Director of Development Social Justice Managing Director Arts
Director of Development Poverty Marketing Manager Social Enterprise
Director of Finance Youth Intervention Mentor/Consultant Social Enterprise
Director of Programs Youth Education Nonprofit Consultant Development
Director of School Services Hunger Organizational Development Health
Director of Strategic Planning Health Outreach Manager Arts
Youth Counselor At-Risk Youth