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DPP Nonprofit Graduate Certificate Scholarship

This $1000 scholarship is awarded to five students each academic year in the UConn Nonprofit Management Graduate Certificate Program.
Scholarships are awarded after successful completion of one Nonprofit curriculum course. The funding may be used by the awardees towards
future courses in the certificate.

Student Qualifications

  • Student must be fully admitted into the UConn Nonprofit Management Graduate Certificate Program
  • Student must have completed one course in the program before applying. The student must have received an “A-” or better to be considered for
    the scholarship.
  • Student must be registered for his or her next semester course.
UConn Nonprofit Leadership Scholarship

Application Process

Applications are due by December 20 to Dr. David Garvey, Director of the Nonprofit Leadership Program at

Application consist of a:

  • Resume
  • Student letter outlining briefly any circumstance concerning financial need and their career focus and relevant plans in the nonprofit sector.
  • Letter should be no more than two single space pages.

Award Process

Applications are considered based on three criteria:

  • Financial need
  • Academic performance
  • Career focus of student and potential impact of his or her work in the nonprofit sector
  • If needed by the committee, discussion on academic potential of the student with the student’s prior instructor(s).

Applications are reviewed by the Awards Committee the second Monday of January of each year.

Awardees are notified by the second Friday of January of each year.