Hire DPP Interns

Hire DPP Interns

The Internship and Professional Practice (IPP) Program matches the Department of Public Policy’s second year Master of Public Administration (MPA) and Master of Public Policy (MPP) graduate students in state agencies, municipal government and nonprofit organizations for an entire academic year.


Graduate Interns work on special projects and provide program support for 15 hours a week for nine months (August 23, 2017—May 22, 2018)—a total of 585 hours for 39 weeks.


Most students have completed a year of rigorous graduate study and have developed significant skills in finance and budgeting, research design, statistical analysis, economics, policy analysis, human resources and other key areas of public and nonprofit program management.

UConn DPP Paid Internships


The cost for an IPP intern to work in your organization is expected to be $15,750 (2018-2019 pricing). We handle all the administrative paperwork and payroll details.


You interview the graduate students. Together we find the right match of a skilled student to meet your needs.


  • Employers select qualified MPA and MPP students through a competitive application process.
  • Classes are held in the evening, which allows the intern to work during the day.

Internship Profile

Marieta Abreu, MPA 2018

City of Hartford
Office of Management, Budget, & Grants

INTERNSHIP: Graduate intern Mariela Abreu is providing financial analysis and research to support senior leadership in the development of an operating budget, budget projections for the upcoming fiscal years, and long-term fiscal sustainability plan for the City of Hartford.

Pictured with Mariela is Melissa McCaw, Director of Management, Budget & Grants and Jeff Hallin, Assistant Director, Along with Kory Mills, Management Analyst for the City of Hartford.


  • January 1: Organizations receive information on the 2019-2020 Internship program
  • February 15: Intent to Participate Form Due

This is not a commitment by you, only an expression of intent. You have no obligation until you choose to select an IPP student.

  • March 18-April 19: Interviews, Selection and Offer Process
  • August: Supervisor Orientation and Your Chosen IPP Graduate Intern Joins the Work of Your Organization.


Please View our complete list of all of the state agencies, town governments and nonprofits that have joined the IPP program over the last 11 years.


State Agency

“Our department would not have been able to achieve the gains in performance that we have made this year, without the assistance of our IPP interns.”

— Anne McIntyre-Lahner, Director of Performance Management, Connecticut Department of Children and Families

Towns and Cities

“Our IPP Intern at Newington Public Schools, surpasses expectations…her ability and performance have been an asset in several diverse projects in the school district. The IPP intern’s performance is a testament to the superior quality of the MPA program and its students.”

— Pamela Muraca, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Newington Board of Education


“Our IPP intern performed like a member of our staff in every aspect. It was as if I was able to hire an additional team member at a fraction of the cost. I highly recommend this program.”

— Roxanna Booth Miller, Co-Director and Chief Development Officer, Hartford Youth Scholars

The Intern Experience: Organization and Student Perspective

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Interested in an intern? Talk with Dr. David Garvey, Director of Public Policy Internships. Email at david.garvey@uconn.edu to ask a question or set up a time for a discussion. Phone 959-200-3768