Encore!Connecticut Admissions

Applications for Candidates

Encore!Fairfield County Application Period:  July 15 - October 2, 2018

Chosen through a competitive vetting and selection process based on their skill-sets and potential for success in the nonprofit sector, a maximum of twenty-five candidates will be selected for the program. Candidates must be unemployed or underemployed and convey a strong interest in working in the sector.

Candidates Applications:

  • Candidate Essay: Candidates should address why you want to work in the nonprofit sector. Identify, if possible, your preferred area of work and position in the sector (e.g. social services, the arts, environment or advocacy) and the passions, purpose, working conditions and compensation needs and expectations that will impact future employment choices and decisions. You should describe how your current skills and experience, for-profit or nonprofit, can be transferred to paid nonprofit work. The essay should be three pages maximum and be submitted as a word document.
  • Candidate Resume: Along with your essay, attach a resume that connects your skills to your desired work in the nonprofit sector. Information provided should include academic/technical knowledge, credentials and track record of accomplishments relative to your interest in nonprofit work. Volunteer work should be described fully as a valuable background asset. Be concise, yet informative and submit the resume in a word document.
  • Submit Essay and Resume by Email: Forwarded by email, as attachments, your essay and resume to Linda Friedman, Program Director at by: October 2, 2018. The subject box for your email should read “Encore!Fairfield County Application”.