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Practical Performance Evaluation for Practitioners and Funders

Two Parts:
Fridays, April 17 & April 24, 2020
9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

In this two-part class you will strengthen your capacity to:

  • Use appropriate program evaluation, performance evaluation, and program monitoring in your work
  • Identify and apply outcome-focused program design to your programs
  • Develop strategies to engage staff and providers in your evaluation efforts
Anne McIntyre-Lahner
With Anne McIntyre-Lahner, Evaluation and Impact Consultant, 35-plus years of experience in state and nonprofit leadership, and author of "Stop Spinning Your Wheels: Using Results Based Accountability to Steer Your Agency to Success."


Day One

Gaining A Framework and the Essentials

We will explore the topic of evaluation in general, including:

  • The reasons for conducting an evaluation
  • Different types of evaluation
  • The difference between performance monitoring and evaluation
  • Leveraging a performance system to support evaluation efforts
  • The importance of understanding why you are conducting an evaluation before you begin
  • Deciding whether you need an outside evaluator, and choosing the right one
  • Different factors and contexts to consider when designing an evaluation
  • Involving staff and partners in program evaluation

Day Two        

Creating Your Own Performance Evaluation

We will learn practical steps and actions as part of an effective program performance evaluation.

Using your own data and programs we will go through the process of creating practical evaluations to improve performance, including:

  • Developing and using performance measures in the context of program evaluation
  • Understanding performance and data contextually
  • Leveraging existing data
  • Means-to-End thinking
  • Post-evaluation messaging
  • Using evaluation results to improve performance
  • Group exercise: Focus on a program or service where the outcomes are not where you want them to be.
  • Group exercise: Focus on a program or service where process issues may be an issue.