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Creating, Managing and Governing Cross-Sector Strategic Collaboratives

Friday, January 25, 2019
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

This full-day session will provide an overview of the range of multi-player/multi-sector collaborative structures growing increasingly in use in providing community services, especially between government and nonprofit agencies:  including community collaborations, collective impact models, government/nonprofit/private partnerships and service delivery networks.

Anne Yurasek
With Anne Yurasek, Principal of Fio Partners



Identifying Opportunities for Cross-sector Collaboratives

The morning session will provide guidance on developing clarity prior to engaging in designing these types of efforts, describe the range of options available and provide guidance as to how to initiate these efforts.

Primary learning objectives:

  • To understand the current context for cross-sector collaboration;
  • To explore methods to determine where opportunities for cross-sector alliances exist;
  • To understand the roles and process associated with developing a collaborative effort;
  • To understand the types of collaborative models for consideration and how they are used;
  • To learn about early stage activities in developing a cross-sector strategic alliance.


Designing Governance Structures for Cross Sector Collaboratives

Depending on the structure and intent of the effort, the afternoon session will provide guidance on how to design governance models for cross-sector collaboratives as well as explore a range of models being used across the country.

Primary learning objectives:

  • To provide a guide to designing the appropriate governance structure for the work of the collaborative;
  • To explore case studies of models from around the country;
  • To provide examples of supports, by-laws, and policies that reflect the range of approaches and options.