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Creating, Managing, and Governing Cross-Sector Strategic Collaboratives

Friday, September 25, 2020
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Hartford Times Building (HTB), Room TBD

Government (federal, state, and municipal) and nonprofit agencies working together is often the most effective means for service delivery and meeting community needs. But multi-agency collaborations are multi-player, multi-agenda, often challenged by changing constraints and demands, and have the potential for failure if not developed, managed, and governed effectively. This day is dedicated to examining how you can make multi-sector collaborations work in your community and for citizens, stakeholders and organizations.

Anne Yurasek
With Anne Yurasek, Principal of Fio Partners



Call to Action: Why This Matters Now

We will set the context and examine why community, government, nonprofit, and business partnerships are evolving and succeeding across the country.

What Are You Building? Identifying and Developing Opportunities

We will explore:

  • How to identifying community goals ripe for collaborative solutions.
  • The variety of collaborative structures available for consideration and how they are often effectively used and implemented.
  • How critical early-stage activities can set the stage for developing a successful cross-sector strategic alliance.
  • How to engage and build buy-in with key stakeholders.


How Will it Work? Managing and Governing

We will explore a range of governance models for cross-sector collaboratives that resonate with the structure and intent of the effort, including structures, supports, agreements, and policies that reflect the range of approaches and options.

Leadership in Practice: Sharing Your Experiences

Using peer-learning groups, attendees will explore their successes and challenges with these efforts.

What You Will Learn

You will gain an understanding of essential frameworks to assist in working with partners to develop cross-sector initiatives, as well as improving the dynamics of initiatives in which you are currently engaged.