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Connecting with Your Stakeholders:
A Long-Term Buy-in and a Cultivated Mutual Relationship

Friday, November 15, 2019
9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Hartford Times Building (HTB), Room 227


Whether you are a state agency, municipality or nonprofit agency, effective, strategic, and consistent stakeholder communications is one of the keys to successfully implementing and achieving your organizations desired community outcomes. Your stakeholders are community leaders, funders, residents, clients and the media—all who are impacted by or have an influencing role in the outcome of your work.

Your organization most likely serves multiple stakeholder audiences, probably larger, and more diverse than the list above. These stakeholders often have different but over lapping interests and expectations, based on their relationship with you. In this workshop you will learn successful practices and methods to understand your communities and stakeholders that will allow you to communicate effectively and develop a healthy, mutual relationship that becomes the foundation for your community work and that will buoy your organization in good times or when a crisis is at your door.

The Too Often Missed Stakeholder:

Are you missing key relationships needed for your work? In this session you will also learn methods to identify those individuals who are not just influencers in name and title but true catalysts that can help build foundations for trust and credibility for you, your organization and your work. Participants in this session will learn how to identify stakeholders that truly impact their bottom line and desired community outcomes; and develop a plan to nurture and grow these relationships.

Anita Ford Saunders
Lloyd J. Duggan, Jr.
With Anita Ford Saunders, Director of Advancement Communications, Trinity College, and Lloyd Duggan, Jr., President, gL Marketing Consultants



What you’ll learn in the morning:

  • Evaluate your business and community environment
  • Simplify research strategies and tactics
  • Take the first steps in building criteria for your stakeholders
  • Build constituent personas


What you’ll do in the afternoon:

  • Build on shared experiential learning to start creating a communication plan
  • Develop relevant content for your digital platforms
  • Complement your relationships with marketing
  • “What gets measured, gets managed” - Measure the effectiveness of your effort