DPP Alum Awarded ICMA’s Local Government Early Career Service Certificate

Congratulations to Department of Public Policy (DPP) alumnus Jeremy Kimble, MPA ’20, who was recently awarded the ICMA – International City/County Management Association‘s Local Government Early Career Service Certificate! According to ICMA, “The Local Government Early Career Service Certificate recognizes graduating students in good academic standing who have completed or are in the process of […]

“What is GAPPS-ICMA?” with President Caleb Pittman

The Graduate Association of Public Policy Students (GAPPS) is the official student organization for Department of Public Policy (DPP) students. We have been recognized by the International City/County Management Association (ICMA) since 2018. GAPPS’ goal is to serve as a social and intellectual community for students pursuing a master’s degree or certificate in the DPP. […]

Professor Alkadry Studies Gender and Race/Ethic Disparities at State, National and International Stages

Department of Public Policy (DPP) Professor and Department Head Mohamad Alkadry is currently working with DPP alumna Tara Downes and the Connecticut Council on Women and Girls to study new hire data for the State of Connecticut. This research follows up on a previous study on gender, race, and ethnic disparities in pay and representation […]

MPP Alum Combines Law and Economics While Attending Law School on the West Coast

This past August, Department of Public Policy (DPP) alumnus Van Augur moved across the country to begin attending Stanford Law School. Van was part of the DPP’s Fast-Track (FT) program and holds both a Master of Public Policy (MPP) and Graduate Certificate in Survey Research (SRC) from the Department. Van notes that many of the […]

Assistant Professor Ruodan Zhang Uses Machine Learning to Improve the Retrievability of IRS 990 Text Data

Department of Public Policy (DPP) Assistant Professor Ruodan Zhang is working with Haohan Chen, a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Social Media and Politics, New York University, to develop a method that helps researchers and practitioners identify nonprofit organizations of interest. This research project takes advantage of the newly available nonprofit mission and program […]

DPP Team Provides Expertise to US Department of Treasury and United Nations Development Programme

A team led by UConn Department of Public Policy (DPP) Professor Mark Robbins is providing expertise, project assistance and coordination to the US Department of Treasury and the United Nations Development Program. The team also includes DPP Professors Mohamad Alkadry, Bill Simonsen and Lloyd Blanchard. This development came about as a strategy to improve the […]

MPA Student Hopes to Continue Empowering the Latinx Community with MPA and MA in International Relations

Caesar Valentin is a former Department of Public Policy (DPP) Fast-Track student who is currently pursuing a Master of Public Administration (MPA) with the DPP. He is also completing a Master of Arts in International Relations with a focus in Latin American Studies with the Department of Political Science. By pursuing both programs Caesar is […]