Careers & Internships

Careers & Internships

We Prepare You

Finding the career path that fits you and finding that right first job upon graduation take reflection, strategy, and support from seasoned professionals. Our 1000+ strong Department alumni are leaders in public, nonprofit, and private sectors across Connecticut, the nation, and the globe. Our alumni are your mentors to your future.

Alumni Network and Support: You will work with our deeply devoted alumni in molding your career path, from one-on-one mentoring to regular student/alumni networking and career development seminars.

Job Search Preparation: Our degrees provide you with the skills to succeed. But we also prepare you, through our Professional Development Series, for landing in the right job that launches your career. The program, produced in a continuous joint effort with our alumni, faculty, and staff, is specifically designed for our students who are moving into the public, nonprofit, and corporate sectors. The program provides you with knowledge and skills you will need for successful interviewing, resume preparation, and a job search strategy.

jessica legnos kearney - MPA 2012

Jessica Legnos Kearney (MPA 2012), Director of Public Policy Initiatives at The Travelers Institute; and Patrick Turek (MPA 2012), System Director of Emergency Management for Hartford Healthcare counsel students on moving into career paths, in one of the department’s regular alumni mentoring events.

MPA and MPP Employment by Sector

MPA and MPP 2015-2017 Graduate Employment by Sector: 43% Nonprofit, 32% Public, and 25% Private

Survey Research Employment by Sector

Survey Research Alumni Employment by Sector: 31% Market Research, 19% Corporate, 15% Education, 15% Government Politics Nonprofit, 9% Corporate Research, 6% Government Policy Research, 5% Healthcare

Career Opportunities

We receive constant appeals for our students and graduates to apply for jobs both locally and nationally. Please email to share career opportunities with the Department of Public Policy (DPP) and we will share them a couple different ways:

DPP Careers Listserv:

A listserv has been created for sharing job opportunities with anyone who is interested in joining:  To join, please follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new e-mail to LISTSERV@LISTSERV.UCONN.EDU
  2. Leave the subject blank
  3. Enter in the body of the e-mail this command, filled in with the respective information:
    1. To subscribe: SUB DPP_CAREERS-L Firstname Lastname
    2. To unsubscribe from a list: UNSUB DPP_CAREERS-L
    3. To turn on the Digest feature: SET DPP_CAREERS-L DIGEST
    4. To turn off the Digest feature: SET DPP_CAREERS-L MAIL

DPP LinkedIn:

For students and alumni, we will post job opportunities on the DPP’s LinkedIn site. Please request to join our private group: “University of Connecticut Department of Public Policy.”