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DPP Community Hour Recap – Answering Questions About Fall 2020

DPP Community Hour Recap – Answering Questions About Fall 2020

UConn’s Department of Public Policy (DPP) held an online Community Hour on the evening of Thursday, July 9, 2020 to give its students a chance to meet with faculty and staff, visit with their classmates, and ask questions.  There are a lot of questions this year as an unprecedented school year is about to begin.

Mohamad Alkadry, Head of DPP was able to answer a few of these questions regarding COVID-19 protocol.  Students mostly wanted to know if they will be going to class in person or if they will be taking them online.  DPP is offering a mix of instruction methods depending on the class.

  • (F2F) Face to face with limited class sizes and everyone will be required to wear masks. Masks will be provided by the DPP for those who need them.
  • (WW) Completely online/asynchronous  with no scheduled weekly meeting times
  • (DL Synch) Course will be taught synchronously online (using WebEx, Blackboard Collaborate, or Microsoft Teams) with scheduled weekly meeting times required to be listed in Student Admin.
  • (DL Flex) Course will be taught using a combination of synchronous online (using WebEx, Blackboard Collaborate, or Microsoft Teams) and asynchronous approaches. Scheduled weekly meeting times will be required although not all will be used for synchronous activities.
  • (HB Flex) Course will rely upon mostly asynchronous activities together with a more flexible irregular need to meet on occasion synchronously with students in person. Scheduled weekly meeting times are required (although actual use will be varied and more limited).

To check the most up-to-date schedule go to dpp.uconn and check “course schedule” under Academic Programs. The Student Administration System is currently being updated to reflect this information. You can find out what textbooks you need on the online site, through the syllabus the week prior to the start of school, or your professor will email you. Also, the computer lab will be open throughout the semester with social-distancing measures in place.

Most students in the upcoming IPP and SI internship program have landed positions and for those still looking, there are at least 12 openings still available.

New Student Orientation will be held online on August 27 from 3pm-5pm for incoming MPA, MPA Fellows and MPP students.  The first half of the meeting will have everyone together and then from 4pm-5pm you will break out into your respective program groups for more specifics.  Invitations to Orientation will be sent out the week of July 13. MASR students will have a module emailed out to you in August.

If you have additional questions please contact the following:

Defining Moments with UConn DPP

Defining Moments with UConn DPP

Jason Jakubowski, MPA '01
Jason Jakubowski, MPA ’01

The Summer Edition of UConn Today was recently released and features two members of the Department of Public Policy’s (DPP) network! This edition, entitled “Our Defining Moments,” highlighted Jason Jakubowski, MPA ’01. Jason is the CEO and President of Foodshare, and was featured for the nonprofit’s emergency distribution system at Rentschler Field, which has been providing food to Connecticut families since March.

Associate Professor Thomas Craemer
Associate Professor Thomas Craemer

Associate Professor Thomas Craemer was also interviewed by CLAS alum Maya A. Moore about reparation payments for American slavery in an article entitled “The New Reparations Math”. The interview occurred just before campus closed mid-way through the spring semester. Craemer discusses various points of reparation payments throughout global history and provides an anecdote about his friendship with a Holocaust survivor who received one of these payments.

Moore’s “In the Moment” note at the bottom of the article addresses the impact of COVID-19, telling a story that many have experienced throughout this pandemic. Loss, confusion, waiting and trying to find routine are some of the hallmarks that Moore highlights. In this ever-changing time the DPP hopes that you and yours are remaining healthy and safe. Know we are here to support you.

Passing of Ashley Hyon, A Positive And Dedicated DPP Alum

The  Department of Public Policy (DPP) is sad to report the passing of one of our own. Ashley Hyon, a 2017 MASR alum passed away earlier this week. A supportive alumnus who helped us engage with prospective students across the globe, Ashley was a positive and dedicated member of our network. She embodied the DPP’s commitment to leadership and investigating important problems facing our world. We will miss her and her infectious laugh and spirit.

During this ever-changing time we hope that you and yours are remaining healthy and safe. Know we are here to support you.

– The Department of Public Policy Faculty and Staff

Beyond Thoughts and Prayers: Strategies to Eradicate Anti-Black Police Violence

Beyond Thoughts and Prayers:
Strategies to Eradicate Anti-Black Police Violence

On June 25th, the Department of Public Policy (DPP) and the University of Cincinnati will be hosting a webinar from 5pm - 7pm entitled “Beyond Thoughts and Prayers: Strategies to Eradicate Anti-Black Police Violence"

Modern anti-Black police violence predates the cold-blooded murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers. This present-day abuse continues a long tradition of Black population control dating back to the days of slavery. Violence against Black people is often accompanied by anti-Black bias in the criminal legal system (including the courts, probation, and parole) and has devastating consequences for Black communities across the nation. Our panelists will come together to think constructively about strategies to eradicate police violence against Black people in the United States. During this conversation we want to interrogate ways to bring about change in order to bring solutions to fruition.


Thomas Craemer

Thomas Craemer, an Associate Professor at the University of Connecticut’s Department of Public Policy, obtained a political science doctorate from the University of Tuebingen, Germany (2001), and Ph.D. from Stony Brook University, New York, (2005). His research focuses on implicit racial attitudes and race-related policies like slavery reparations.


Brandi Blessett

Brandi Blessett is an Associate Professor and Director of the Masters of Public Administration program at the University of Cincinnati. Much of her recent work acknowledges the disproportionate effects the criminal legal system has on people and communities of color. Her research focuses on administrative responsibility, disenfranchisement, and social equity.

Jack Mewhirter

Jack Mewhirter is Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Cincinnati. He studies the emergence of society and the policy tools available to correct them. His work examines the organizations charged with the implementation of policies, the factors that impact organizational effectiveness, and the evaluation of implemented policies.

Rob Kenter

Rob Kenter is the Director of Law Enforcement Field Engagement at the Center for Policing Equity, a nonprofit   research center and think tank. He holds a Ph.D. in Public Administration from Old Dominion University and served over 30 years with the Norfolk Police Department before retiring in 2020.

Brian Williams

Brian N. Williams, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Public Policy in the Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy at the University of Virginia. As a scholar committed to action research, he examines the interplay between race, policing, and public governance. His work is devoted to redesigning policies and practices that improve police-community relations.

Ivonne Roman

Ivonne Roman has 25 years of experience in policing, serving every rank from police officer to police chief, in the Newark Police Department. In 2017, she established the Women’s Leadership Academy (WLA) within the Newark  Police Superior Officers’ Association, to increase female representation in law enforcement.

Frank Adderley

Frank Adderley is the Chief of the West Palm Beach Police Department. Previously, he served for 10 years as the first African-American Chief of Police in the City of Fort Lauderdale. He is Past President of the Broward Chiefs Association, serves on the International Association of Chiefs of Police’s Dangerous Narcotics and Drug Committee, and is a former member of the Florida Commission on the Status of Black Men and Boys.

On June 10, 2020, DPP Department Head Mohamad Alkadry shared his thoughts with students and colleagues:

Dear Colleagues and DPP Students,

We are very saddened by the events that brought anti-Black police violence to the forefront of our national dialogue. After the COVID-19 Pandemic reminded us of the importance of professional public servants to protecting our communities, the murder of George Floyd came to highlight the disparities of outcomes of administrative actions and public policies for people of color. It was beyond devastating to watch George Floyd pleading for his life for nearly 9 minutes without any compassion from other officers who watched him get killed by another officer. Nothing excuses that behavior.

We have seen too many people of color unnecessarily die at the hands of people who are supposed to protect them. The murder of George Floyd is not an isolated incident and it is not one without policy remedies. Therefore, we wanted to provide a forum for our students and colleagues to engage in how we can avoid tragedies like this in the future.

Colleagues from UConn and the University of Cincinnati, and I, are inviting you to a discussion about strategies and policy actions to prevent excessive use of force and violence by law enforcement professionals against people of color.

You will hear from academics and practitioners about strategies to prevent future incidents. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions and make comments.

I hope you will join us on Thursday, June 25th at 5 PM.

Sincerely yours,

Mohamad G. Alkadry

To RSVP to this FREE webinar, please complete this registration form. The webinar link will be sent to you upon registration.

Rising Up and Celebrating the DPP Class of 2020

Rising Up and Celebrating the DPP Class of 2020

On the evening of Friday, May 22nd the Department of Public Policy (DPP) celebrated it’s 2020 graduates with a global online contingency to celebrate the 68 graduates. Our graduates included students from the Master of Arts in Survey Research (MASR), MPA Fellows, Master of Public Administration (MPA), and Master of Public Policy (MPP) programs.

The evening included remarks by the DPP’s Department Head Mohamad Alkadry, UConn President Thomas Katsouleas, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS) Dean Juli Wade, and DPP alums Melissa McCaw, Damara Cockfield and Alyssa Goduti. Associate Professor Kerri Raissian served as the mistress of ceremonies.

The program began with opening remarks by Professor Alkadry, who talked about public service values and how our network has responded to crisis. From students to alums, our members have worked alongside community partners to provide food, mental health services and personal protective equipment among other supports to neighborhoods across the country. It was noted that many entered our department in the hopes of “making a decent living while making a difference”, and already the Class of 2020 has done so much to serve.

President Katsouleas
Thomas Katsouleas, UConn President

President Katsouleas spoke next and added that in addition to “making a decent living while making a difference” our grads would also be “make living more decent”. The President highlighted the recent rankings of our Department as the DPP stands among the Top 40 for Public Affairs programs, and among the Top 10 in the specialty of Public Finance and Budgeting.  This year DPP interns provided over 36,000 hours of labor to state agencies, municipalities and nonprofits, noted the President. Throughout the evening this sentiment of serving the State was highlighted by numerous speakers. One anecdote that made many smile was when the President spoke about his transition to the University and an interaction with the Executive Director of Education Research at Gallup. This director was the DPP’s very own Stephanie Marken, who happily informed the President of her affiliation with the University as a MASR alumnus. At the of end of his remarks, President Katsouleas encouraged the graduates to “Go forth and make good policy. And go forth and make good huskies forever”.

Dean Wade was next to the podium and spoke about how our graduates were a good example of CLAS values within higher education but also in a global context. She encouraged the graduates to continue thinking broadly and creatively across disciplines. The students were noted for their ability to see problems from a wide range of angles, and they were urged to continue doing so. At the conclusion of her remarks, the Dean congratulated the graduates on their achievement.

Melissa McCaw
Melissa McCaw, Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management

Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management for the Lamont Administration and DPP alum Melissa McCaw, MPA 2014 spoke next. Recently, McCaw was named a “Woman of Distinction in Connecticut” by the Hartford Courant and was named to the Hartford Business Journal’s “Power 50”. McCaw began her remarks by saluting the graduates and commending them on their hard work in joining the alumni ranks of the DPP. She spoke of how the DPP’s largest graduating class was “finishing large and strong”. On behalf of Governor Ned Lamont and Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz, McCaw shared a “…sincere and abundant gratitude for [the graduates] commitment to public service”. It was important to McCaw that she highlight the achievements of DPP faculty and their impact on the graduates and alumni like herself. She noted how the graduates have already helped in pushing the state forward through their service and how they are “…defined by resiliency and an uncanny capacity to recover quickly.” Her remarks concluded with the words “Pursue your service with honor, resiliency and passion”.

The DPP’s student speaker for 2020 was MPA Fellow Padraig Barry. Barry compared the students to gems who entered the program with some “…starting off a little rough, some forming, but all requiring a little polish”.  With some research, Barry investigated the regalia for the day. Though many students were unable to obtain their cap and gown before the pandemic, Barry made sure to tell the students they would “…fly like the mighty peacock should”, a statement highlighting the peacock blue regalia of the graduates. He provided a brief history of the mortarboard and noted how it symbolized the holding of cement that would be utilized for building a strong foundation, like that of a DPP education in the pursuit of public service.  At the conclusion of his remarks, Barry quoted his fellow countryman Oscar Wilde and stated, “Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught.”

The naming of the DPP’s 2020 award recipients began with the presentation of the DPP’s Distinguished Alumni Award to Damara Cockfield, MPA 2005. Cockfield has spent the last 15 years of her career at Booz, Allen, Hamilton as a military health subject matter expert and founded on process improvements in medical care for wounded, ill, or injured service members. She began remarks by addressing the cultural significance of graduating during a time of uncertainty, she completed her bachelor’s months after 9/11. These moments, she noted were opportunities to “investigate important problems” and live the DPP mission to provide “…high quality policy analysis, program evaluations, and survey research for investigating important public problems facing Connecticut and the nation”. Throughout the pandemic, Cockfield has been able to expand public health resources for the communities she serves. She spoke to how “every day a lesson is learned that can be taken forward into the next day”. A reminder we all need to keep moving forward and improving the services we provide.  After Cockfield spoke, the remaining award recipients were named. For a full list of awardees and Pi Pi Alpha Inductees please see our Annual Awards news story.

Kerri Raissian
Kerri Raissian, Associate Professor

Once the awards were completed and the GAPPS-ICMA Officers were highlighted for their service, Professor Raissian began reading the names of the graduates. At the conclusion of the list, the mikes were un-muted, and the graduates and their families roared with applause in celebration of their accomplishments. Shortly after, Alyssa Goduti, MPA 2002 who serves as the President of the DPP Alumni Council welcomed the DPP’s newest alums to a network that now stands at over 1,200 alums. Currently Goduti is the President & CEO of Ädelbrook as well as an adjunct faculty member of the DPP. Goduti shared her deep enthusiasm for making a difference, and how this common thread is shared among all DPP alums. She talked about how this enthusiasm is a secret to success and she hopes that the graduates “…do something [they] love and continue to find enthusiasm for what [they] love”. Similar to what we tell our students at orientation, Goduti emphasized how the graduates have a strong academic foundation, enthusiasm, and network of support that can help them “realize their dreams to make a difference”. A difference the DPP has been promoting for the last 48 years.

The celebration concluded with final remarks from our Mistress of Ceremonies Professor Raissian. Throughout the celebration Professor Raissian provided anecdotes about our speakers and spoke to how their words and experiences show the impact of public service in our communities. She summarized President Obama’s commencement speech from earlier in the week and highlighted a need to “not be afraid”, to “do what is right”, and to “build community”. Three pieces of advice that our graduates have already taken to heart. Our celebration ended with the Alicia Key’s song “Underdog” in tribute to the public servants who have risen to the occasion and our students who will continue to rise in the years to come.

Congratulations to the Class of 2020, may you continue to rise up and meet every challenge that you face.

For a full list of 2020 graduates please see our earlier Celebration article to honor Commencement 2020.

A Letter From Department Head Mohamad Alkadry

A Message from the Department Head

DPP Professor and Department Head Mohamad Alkadry stands in front of the UConn Hartford Times Building.
Mohamad Alkadry, professor and head of the Department of Public Policy, at the UConn Hartford campus on September 5, 2017. (Bri Diaz/UConn Photo)

Dear Students, Alumni, and Friends,

Much has happened in our world since our January newsletter. Our economy is struggling and the organizations that typically employ our students and interns are witnessing unprecedented fiscal and/or service demand challenges. Our students are learning online for the rest of the Spring semester as well as all Summer Session courses. Our community was not able to celebrate our alumni, students, staff and faculty at the DPP Annual Alumni Awards and PPA Induction Ceremony. And, we were not able to hold our ceremony to honor our graduating students. However, there is much to celebrate even during these times.

We are living through a pandemic lock-down that tests the core of public service and articulates like no other time the relevance of the public sector in responding to crises like this one. Ironically, proponents of a smaller public sector suddenly see the relevance of government in aiding the economy and society out of a messy crisis. DPP alumni are at the forefront of the response to the COVID-19 crisis in Connecticut. They are working hard to ensure that public services are not disrupted because of a drastic drop in state and local government revenues. They are working hard to ensure that food banks’ stock and distribution networks are able to meet the drastic increase in demand for services. They are working on procuring masks and ventilators that will save lives. They are leading mental health service organizations that are providing even more services in a challenging social distancing environment.

We have always been proud of the contributions of our alumni to the welfare of people, but we have never been prouder than today. On behalf of our faculty and staff, I want to express our gratitude to our alumni who are at the forefront of the public and nonprofit sectors’ response to this crisis.

Congratulations to our MPA, MPP and MASR Class of ’20. Congratulations to the alumni, students, staff and faculty recipients of awards. Congratulations to the students who were inducted in our honor society. Many thanks to students, staff, faculty and alumni for all they have done to survive and to help others during this crisis.

Sincerely yours,

Mohamad G. Alkadry, Ph.D.
Professor & Head

Take An Online Summer Course with UConn’s Department of Public Policy

Take An Online Summer Course with UConn’s Department of Public Policy

Whether you are fulfilling an undergraduate requirement or earning electives towards a graduate degree, UConn’s Department of Public Policy is offering a variety of online courses this summer! At the undergraduate level, the DPP is offering a Content Area 2, a W, and a course on research methods. At the graduate level the DPP is offering coursework in Nonprofit Management and Survey Research. Please see our summer offerings below.


  • Nonprofit Management
    • PP 5324: Grant Writing & Fund Development – SS1 (June 1 – July 2): This course provides the student with the essential knowledge of the tools and practices for developing a funding portfolio that supports the work of a nonprofit organization. While the course looks at diverse funding practice it provides specific guidance on grant and proposal writing and government contracts.


  • Survey Research
    • PP 5388: Introduction to Multipopulation Survey Research Methods – SS1 (June 1 – July 2): This course provides an introduction to methods for designing multilingual and multicultural survey research projects. It will also introduce some of the key considerations for designing multinational surveys. Students will be introduced to unique methodological considerations for multilingual/multicultural studies throughout the project life cycle, including: sampling, questionnaire design, fielding, data interpretation and analysis.
    • PP 5332: Advanced Quantitative Methods – SS2 (July 13 – August 21): This course covers a number of basic and advanced statistical methods for public policy and survey research. Students will review some of the basic concepts of statistical analysis, study methods for hypothesis testing appropriate to frequency counts and percentage, discuss methods to analyze data in interval and ratio scale format, and study quantitative methods for conducting and analyzing multiple regression. Students will also explore minimizing error through scale construction and the use of exploratory factor analysis. The end of the course will provide a very brief introduction to the basic ideas underlying confirmatory factor analysis.


  • Undergraduate Coursework
    • PP 1001 Introduction to Public Policy – May Term (May 11 – May 29): Public policy history and institutions, government administration and systems, policy analysis, contemporary policy issues, polling and influences on policy making. (Content Area 2)
    • PP 3020W Cases in Public Policy – SS1 (June 1 – July 2): Exploration of policy analysis using case studies on various contemporary policy topics.
    • PP 2100 Survey Research Methods – AS2 (July 13 – August 21): Theory and practice of surveys, including overall project design, questionnaire development, sampling, methods of data collection and data analysis.


Interested in taking a summer course or enrolling in a program? Contact Outreach Coordinator Lian Kish at to learn more.

DPP 2020 Teaching Recognition Awards

DPP 2020 Teaching Recognition Awards

Faculty Teaching Recognition Award: The first Distinguished Faculty Award, voted on by students, goes to a core faculty member who:  “has intriguing research, accessibility to students, and engaging teaching style.”  This year’s award goes to Bill Simonsen. Bill’s research focuses on public finance, financial management, capital finance, citizen participation techniques, and public policy. He teaches “PP 5340: Introduction to Public Policy and Management”, “PP 5370: Applied Research Design”, “PP 5373: Budgeting in Public Service Organizations”, and “PP 5376: Applied Quantitative Methods”. 

Adjunct Faculty Teaching Recognition Award: The second Distinguished Faculty Award, also voted on by students, goes to an adjunct faculty member who:  “has accessibility to students and engaging teaching style.”  We have two winners this year!

Penny Davis

Penny Davis

Penny teaches “PP 5365: Human Resource Management”, and comes to the DPP with 2o years of public sector experience across all dimensions of Human Resources. She has a track record of partnering with business leaders to develop solutions from design to implementation, and has practiced working within highly unionized environments. Currently, Penny is the Chief Human Resources Officer for the State of Connecticut Department of Social Services (DSS).

George O’Brien

George O'BrienGeorge teaches “PP 5325: Labor-Management Relations, Negotiations, and Contract Management”, and has practiced labor and employment law for more than forty years. Currently George works at Littler Mendelson, and is a longtime member of the New Haven Inn of Court and the Executive Committee of the Labor and Employment Section of the Connecticut Bar Association. He has also served on the boards of Connecticut nonprofit organizations involved with the arts, education, legal services and charitable activities. Fun fact about George, he met his wife in the Hartford Times Building where he now teaches!

DPP Ranked 9th in Public Finance & Budgeting and 38th in Public Affairs

DPP Ranked 9th in Public Finance & Budgeting and 38th in Public Affairs

UConn’s Department of Public Policy (DPP) is proud to announce that the U.S. News & World Report continued to rank the Department’s public finance and budgeting offerings 9th in the nation. The DPP’s public affairs program was also ranked 38th. This public affairs ranking represents a jump of nine spots up from last year. A total of 284 public affairs programs made the 2021 rankings.

Department Head and Professor Mohamad Alkadry announced this achievement to the DPP faculty, students, staff and alumni:

Congratulations to all of us. This achievement is a testament to the scholarly work of my colleagues and the leadership and management of our public affairs programs in the Department of Public Policy.

Hartford Has It, and DPP’s downtown Hartford home have allowed DPP to enhance its initiatives and partnerships throughout Connecticut. This year our MPA and MPP students will complete 36,000 hours of  internship work for public and nonprofit organizations in CT. In 2020-21, it is estimated that DPP students will complete 41,100 hours of internship service. The DPP plans to place over 75 students in paid internships across Connecticut during this upcoming academic year.

Last year, DPP also delivered a total of 1,200 hours of continuing education hours for public and nonprofit officials through the Public Service Executive Leadership Collaborative (PSELC). The Collaborative will be entering its third year this fall.

Earlier this month the DPP relaunched Encore!Connecticut, a retraining program designed to help corporate professionals transition to managerial careers in Connecticut’s nonprofit sector. The DPP delivers nearly 1,600 hours of retraining as part of this program.

Interested in joining the DPP this fall? Admissions for the 2020-2021 academic year are still in progress. Our preferred deadline for fall 2020 is May 15th. For more information please see our online inquiry form. The DPP admissions staff would be happy to assist you.

None of these initiatives would be possible without our network. MPA & MPP Program Director and Professor Eric Brunner noted, Our recent rankings are a testament of hard work and quality of our faculty, staff, alumni, and students. We look forward to our next year ahead and wish everyone health and happiness!

To keep up to date with our department please visit us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Have news, a job posting, or an event to share? Email us at! We are always happy to support and spread the positivity of our network!

The University of Connecticut’s Department of Public Policy (DPP) is committed to high quality research, teaching and service in the areas of policy analysis, public management, public financial management, nonprofit management and survey research.

The DPP offers top-ranked and nationally recognized masters degrees in:

  • Public Administration (MPA): focusing on management and leadership with opportunities to pursue an executive track
  • Public Policy (MPP): focusing on policy analysis and program evaluation
  • Survey Research (MASR): focusing on qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis

Students are also able to tailor their degree through focus areas and graduate certificates in:

  • Nonprofit Management (NPM)
  • Leadership and Public Management (LPM)
  • Public Financial Management (PFM)
  • Survey Research (SRC)

The DPP network of faculty, staff, students, community partners and over 1,200 alumni continue to serve their communities as leaders in the State of Connecticut and across the globe.

Weekly Recap: Welcome Back To Spring 2020

Weekly Recap: Welcome Back To Spring 2020

Happy New Year Everybody! Here at the UConn DPP we have had quite the Winter Break. We skated around Bushnell Park, cheered on our Husky Basketball teams, and spoke with prospective students from across the country!

Students and faculty conversing over pizza
DPP Pizza Party

For our first week of classes we hosted a Pizza Party to welcome back our students, and held our first PSELC of 2020! We also emailed out our Winter Newsletter. If you did not receive it, but would like to join our mailing list email to let us know!

This week we have two information sessions on Monday, January 27th!

  • FT & Survey Research from 12:00pm – 12:30pm online
  • FT, MPA, & MPP from 12:30pm – 1:30pm in Hartford Times Building Room 209

We are also hosting a professional development workshop on resumes from 2:00pm – 3:00pm on Wednesday, January 29th.

The US Army War College’s Eisenhower Series is also coming to Hartford on Thursday, January 30th. From 2:30pm – 3:30pm there will be an informal conversation, and from 4:00pm – 5:30pm there will be a panel discussion on “National Security Challenges and Risks”.

After a weekend at the Wolf Pack, the DPP is excited to have its first week with Monday classes. See you next Monday!