Public Administration Alumni Council

Public Administration Alumni Council

The UConn MPA Alumni Council

The goal is to help current and future MPA students see the wide variety of careers that our graduates embark on, and to help MPA alums connect with their former classmates.

The MPA Alumni Council was established more than a decade ago to support both the MPA program and its students. Over the years, Alumni Council members have served as mentors and role models for our aspiring administrators. Alums are willing to talk with students, review resumes, and set-up job shadows in order to help students have the same great opportunities as the people who went before them.

UConn MPA graduates have taken jobs both in Connecticut and throughout the country in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. Connecting those alums with students – and with each other – is at the core of the mission.

MPA Alumni Council

University of Connecticut MPA Alumni Council
Academic Year 2018-2019

Term Expires
June 30, 2019
Term Expires
June 30, 2020
Term Expires
June 30, 2021
Candace Fitzpatrick
MPA 2006
Alumni Relations & Development Director
University of Connecticut, DPP
(860) 559-9760
Catherine Guarino, NC
MPA 2010
Administrative Program Director
University of Connecticut, DPP
(959) 200-3753
Alyssa Goduti, President
MPA 2002
President and CEO
CT Council of Family Service Agencies
(203) 605-7380
Jason Jakubowski, NC
MPA 2001
President & CEO
(860) 856-4322
Alissa Johnston
MPA 2007
Performance Measurement Coordinator
Capital Workforce Partners
(860) 899-3472
Jeff Hallin
MPA 2005
Assistant Budget Director
City of Hartford
(860) 757-9552
Doug Shipman, Secretary-Treasurer, AC
MPA 2016
Program Officer, Nonprofit Support Program
Hartford Foundation for Public Giving
(860) 548-1888 x1005
Larisa Kottke, Vice President
MPA 2013
Director, Finance and Operations
Leadership Greater Hartford
(617) 851-4037
Brian Luther
MPA 2017
Program Manager
Dept. of Municipal Services, CRCOG
(401) 241-7239
Rebecca Myshrall, NC
MPA 2000
Employment Specialist
University of Connecticut
(860) 486-8014
Jessica Legnos Kearney
MPA 2012
Executive Director
Travelers Institute
860-277-0903 (w) 860-247-8934 (c)
Scott Simoneau
MPA 1994
Chief Analyst
Connecticut General Assembly
(860) 240-0300
Robert Phillips
MPA 2012
Planning & Development Director
Town of Southington
(860) 276-6248
Vacancy Julia Yakovich, AC
MPA 2008
Director of Service Learning Initiative
University of Connecticut
(860) 486-4531
Anthony Naples, Alternate
MPA 2016
Business Development Support Specialist
Connecticut Economic Resource Center
(860) 942-4942
Pi Pi Alpha Liaison
Christopher Forster, Alternate
MPA 2008
Controller, Department of Finance
CSCU Board of Regents
(203) 417-1936
Vacancy, Alternate

NC = Nominating Committee
AC = Awards Committee

DPP Department Head
Mohamad Alkadry
(959) 200-3858
DPP Administrative Program Director
Catherine Guarino
(959) 200-3753
Student Representatives
Yahaira Escribano, GAPPS/ICMA
Mariah Brennan, GAPPS/ICMA
MPA/MPP Program Director
Eric Brunner
(959) 200-3795
DPP Alumni Relations & Development
Candace Fitzpatrick
(959) 200-3920

To access meeting minutes of the Alumni Council, please click here.

Resume reviews

The Alumni Council is happy to provide on-going resume review for UConn MPA students. Please email Rebecca C. Myshrall, a graduate UConn MPA grad and Human Resources Associate, at for more information. Students should expect a return time of about 2 weeks for all submitted resumes.