Master of Arts in Survey Research

Curriculum and Courses

Online Master of Arts in Survey Research

The online Master’s in Survey Research is an intensive, 30-credit,  program designed to meet the needs of today’s survey research practitioners. The program provides extensive training in all stages of the survey research process, including project design and management, questionnaire construction, sampling, methods of data collection, data analysis, and reporting. Many graduates go on to careers in public opinion polling, management, market research, health care, and public policy.

The MA Curriculum

The following courses are recommended for completion of the master’s degree. Master’s degree students and their advisors decide the most appropriate course of study. All Master’s degree students are also required to take a comprehensive exam during their final semester. This is a Graduate School requirement and is separate from any course.

View our course descriptions for more details.

Plan of Study

Course Name Core/Elective Credits Semester Offered
Principles & Methods of Survey Research (PP 5379) C 3 Fall, Spring
Advanced Questionnaire Design (PP 5383) C 3  Spring
Applied Quantitative Methods (PP 5376) C 3 Fall
Attitude Formation (PP 5385) C 3 Fall
Qualitative Methods in Survey Research (PP 5377) C 3 Spring
Survey Research Analysis and Report Writing (PP 5386) C 3 Varies
Seminar in the Future of Survey Research (PP 5397) C 3 Varies
Internship* (PP 5390) C 6 Arrange with instructor
Choose two of the following (more if substituting)*      
Surveys for Market Research (PP 5387) E 3 Spring
Project Management in Survey Research (PP 5382) E 3 Varies
Political Polling (PP 5384) E 3 Varies
Evaluating Public Programs (PP 5322) E 3 Summer
Advanced Quantitative Methods (PP 5332) E 3 Spring
Applied Survey Analysis (3 separate courses: SPSS, R, Stata) (PP 5397) E 1 credit each Summer
Multicultural/Multipopulation Research (PP 5397) E 3 Summer

* students with two years of relevant work experience may substitute coursework for the internship
** students must take 30 credits in the UConn GPSR to earn a Master’s Degree

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