Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management

Program Overview

Working in the nonprofit sector is a whole different ballgame. Budgets are often tight; resources, scarce. You are held accountable to your Board of Directors. You need to collaborate closely with your community and other organizations to realize your mission. When you're in charge, you've got to feel comfortable wearing all kinds of hats – fundraiser, negotiator, grant writer, communicator, accountant, marketer, creative problem-solver, personnel manager, among other responsibilities.

Here's how the 100% Online Nonprofit Management Graduate Certificate will support you as you take on these diverse management roles.

Practical real-world skills: Each week, you'll get right down to work, learning a new set of practical skills that you can take directly to your workplace. In fact, throughout the program, we design assignments that allow you to tackle and resolve specific challenges you face in your job. So you can have an immediate impact on your organization. For students not yet working in the field, we provide real-world assignments from effective nonprofits. Case studies are also provided for class review on a regular basis.

Courses Include:

  • PP 5323 - Leading and Governing Nonprofit Organizations
  • PP 5328 - Business Functions for Nonprofits
  • PP 5319 - Program Development and Evaluation
  • PP 5324 - Grant Writing and Fund Development for Nonprofit Organizations

Read the full course descriptions here.

Practitioners who teach what they do every day: Our instructors are leading practitioners in the field of nonprofit management and subject matter experts in leadership, organization management, nonprofit finance, program development and evaluation, fund development, grant writing, governance, and much more. They use a variety of real-life experiences to illustrate concepts, making abstract ideas more meaningful and easier for you to see how they can apply to your actual job.

Diverse student base with diverse experiences: Your classroom peers include working nonprofit professionals from all over country, as well as full-time graduate students. As a result, the student body brings together a rich mix of seasoned knowledge, real-life experience, various perspectives, and different opinions to strengthen the quality of education for all students.

100% online: Yes, there are deadlines. But you can work at your own pace and on your own time – at home or at the office. You may also be surprised to discover that our online platform creates a highly interactive, collaborative experience. How? Faculty members post questions to a discussion board to which students add their responses – and can respond to each other, providing invaluable feedback and insights. Students have time to think and edit before they post – and even those individuals who may be reluctant to talk in a traditional classroom setting feel more comfortable expressing their ideas and views. Some faculty also use Blackboard Collaborate to set up Skype-like virtual meetings in real time, during which students can get specific questions addressed or discuss their group projects. These are recorded for those students who cannot attend.

Who Should Apply?

The Nonprofit Management Online Graduate Certificate is open to anyone with a Bachelor’s degree and who has a passion for work in the nonprofit sector. You can apply for the entire four-course program, or just take one or two courses to start.

You can also apply the courses you take in the certificate to a full master degree (MPA or MPP) within UConn's Department of Public Policy.

To date, a wide range of professionals have enrolled in the Nonprofit Management Online Graduate Certificate Program, including:

  • Nonprofit Development Directors
  • Directors of Corporate Foundations
  • Program Directors
  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Board of Director Members
  • Corporate Managers
  • Musicians and Artists
  • Economists
  • Engineers
  • Social Workers