Nonprofit Leadership

Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management

A 12-Credit Online Graduate Certificate Program for Nonprofit Professionals

How prepared are you to navigate the complex roles and responsibilities of the nonprofit management landscape? Do you know how to manage strategic partnerships and create fund development plans? Can you talk finance with your governing board?

If your expertise in any area of managing a nonprofit needs strengthening – or if you're just breaking into the field – you've come to the right place. The University of Connecticut's (UConn) Online Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management is designed for four distinct audiences:

  • Seasoned managers or directors who are already employed in the field, but are looking to fine-tune their skill set.
  • New entrants into nonprofit management, who have a Bachelor's degree in such fields as music, arts administration, drama or other related areas. We have even had economists, engineers, and social workers earn this certificate.
  • Professionals who already have a Master's degree, but need discipline-specific training, along with a highly reputable certificate credential, to move up in their careers.
  • Professionals interested in transitioning from the corporate world to a nonprofit, either due to burn-out and/or passion to work for a mission-driven entity.
Jessica Hinman Camp Courant Headshot

 "This is an unprecedented program. It's helping me build confidence. And it provides the knowledge and practical application you need to be successful."

- Jessica Hinman, Director of Community Outreach & Special Events, Camp Courant

Nonprofit Professionals are in High Demand

Today, statistics show that the nonprofit sector is growing at a faster rate than the private sector. But competition is fierce – this credential from UConn's Department of Public Policy, one of the top rated schools of its kind in the country, is exactly the edge you'll need. The fully online program, which can be completed in one year (no summer courses required) provides a wealth of in-depth information in every area related to managing a nonprofit. You'll learn how to:

  • Lead and manage a nonprofit, with a strong focus on governance operations and cultivating strategic partnerships.
  • Evaluate and strengthen an organization's programs, performance, and impact to help ensure long-term sustainability.
  • Prepare for all kinds of change, from addressing new community needs and funding priorities, to adapting to transformative political landscapes or handling the impact of a crisis.
  • Use key financial tools to manage your organization's resources, communicate with stakeholders, make strategic decisions, and direct your organization’s future.
  • Create a fund development plan that balances mission with financial resource streams.

A Bachelor's degree is required. Solid writing skills are recommended. We are currently accepting applications for fall 2017. Apply now!

Bishop Mark J. Webb

 "I don't need another degree – but I was looking for something more than an independent week-long training experience. I really wanted to find a certificate program offered through a highly reputable university."

- Bishop Mark J. Webb, United Methodist Church, Upper New York Area