Month: December 2020

Recapping 2020 with UConn DPP

This year the Department of Public Policy (DPP) learned a lot about our capacity to adapt and support the communities and causes we care about. In a year that many of us hope to forget, we strived to showcase and remind people of the impact of our network and the good in our world.  Our […]

MPP Wants To Do Her Part To Shape Policy and Affect Our Lives For The Better

Katharine (Kat) Morris joined the Department of Public Policy’s (DPP) Fast-Track (FT) program because she hates missing an opportunity and saw a way to get a head start on her future career. She says, “I immediately recognized this program as a career path in which I could use my academic background in an applied manner.” […]

Professor Alkadry Studies Gender and Race/Ethic Disparities at State, National and International Stages

Department of Public Policy (DPP) Professor and Department Head Mohamad Alkadry is currently working with DPP alumna Tara Downes and the Connecticut Council on Women and Girls to study new hire data for the State of Connecticut. This research follows up on a previous study on gender, race, and ethnic disparities in pay and representation […]

2020 Money Bunny Winner: Charlotte Moller

Each year, Professor Mark Robbins awards the highest performing investment portfolio the coveted “Money Bunny” award in his Public Investment Analysis class. The previous year’s awardee attends the award ceremony and talk about how the money bunny changed their lives.  This year’s recipient is Master of Public Policy (MPP) 2021 and Public Financial Management (PFM) […]

Social Equity and Social Policy at UConn

Eric Brunner Receives Grant to Examine Causal Impact of Attending a Career Technical High School: With Steve Ross and Shaun Dougherty, Brunner will look at the causal impact of attendance on student achievement, high school graduation, college enrollment, and adult earnings. This builds upon their 2019 work on technical education in Connecticut. Their grant comes from the Institute of […]

Assistant Professor Ruodan Zhang Uses Machine Learning to Improve the Retrievability of IRS 990 Text Data

Department of Public Policy (DPP) Assistant Professor Ruodan Zhang is working with Haohan Chen, a postdoctoral fellow at the Center for Social Media and Politics, New York University, to develop a method that helps researchers and practitioners identify nonprofit organizations of interest. This research project takes advantage of the newly available nonprofit mission and program […]

DPP Fast-Track Aspires To Be An International Lawyer

Laura Bedoya is a Fast-Track student in the Department of Public Policy (DPP). After completing her Bachelors in Political Science and Latin American Studies this spring, Laura plans to complete her Masters in Public Administration (MPA). She joined the Fast-Track because she is passionate about advocacy and policy. Laura credits the program for gaining stronger […]