DPP Organizes and Hosts Gun Violence Conference in Hartford


Department of Public Policy Organizes and Hosts Gun Violence Conference in Hartford

The April 4 and 5, 2019 meeting, “Correlates, Causes and Solutions for Gun Violence,” attended by gun violence researchers, government officers, elected officials, and community workers, focused on addressing efforts to reduce violence in Connecticut and across the country.  Expert speakers, including DPP faculty Dr. Kerri Raissian and Dr. Jennifer Dineen, spoke to the meeting’s key theme of when gun violence is treated as a public health crisis, there is lot to learn about ways to prevent fatalities.

Dr. Dineen joined a panel discussion of researchers and practitioners from government and community organizations to discuss specific areas of gun violence. Dineen offered that only a very small proportion of children who die from guns die in mass school shootings, but that those shootings capture the public’s and the news media’s attention.

Included in her remarks, Dr. Raissian noted that the idea that without access to guns, people will figure out ways to commit violent crimes is false in the case of domestic violence. “There is no substitution when guns are restricted,” she said. “We don’t stop killing people with guns and start killing them with knives. We just stop killing people.”

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