Dr. Jennifer Dineen Discusses Polls on UConn 360 Podcast

Jennifer Dineen

Assistant Professor In-Residence, and Program Director of the Graduate Program in Survey Research, Dr. Jennifer Dineen, was featured on UConn 360 to discuss how voters should view polls leading up to elections.  Dr. Dineen describes the outcomes of polls to be like taking the temperature of what a race looks like at a particular moment in time, and they do not indicate what the race will be like at the end.  Polls are a reflection of likely voters, and participants are carefully selected to reflect a true sample of the population.  She discusses that when citizens are reviewing polls, they should pay attention to the body of work that it is reflecting, and not to put too much stock in one poll.  Sometimes, poll outliers are an indication of movement, and other times, their estimates are just not close to the final election outcome.  Finally, Dr. Dineen concludes that it is important to look at national trends, and the way things are moving in general, not just one poll.

Listen to Dr. Jennifer Dineen on the UConn 360 Podcast: Opinion Polls a Snapshot, Not a Crystal Ball

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