Month: March 2017

“Fake News” Discussed at DPP Student Forum

GAPPS Fake News Event Attendees
On February 21, 2017, the Graduate Association of Public Policy Students (GAPPS) hosted its first “DPP Student Forum” and the topic was “Fact or Fiction: A Conversation on Uncovering the Truth in the Headlines.”

Twenty students, faculty and staff met for a relaxed, yet informative conversation about “fake news.”  The participants first talked about what fake news means to them and who has interest in creating fake news. The group scrolled through President Trump’s Twitter account to see the number of times he called out something as being “fake news.”

Next, the conversation moved to the role of the media and the role of the citizen in presenting, interpreting and collecting data. Ultimately, the group considered the citizen to be the primary shareholder when it came to responsibility. From there, they watched the clip of Kellyanne Conway talking about the Bowling Green Massacre and followed that with a discussion about whether we can forgive politicians for making mistakes. This turned the conversation toward applying education and research while searching for credibility in the news.

Lastly, each participant provided one word or phrase that they believe would combat the issues of fake news. Some answers included: education; censorship; balancing inquiry and advocacy; authenticity; reward good actors; good conversation; read and research; data; respect differences; reason; persistence; understanding and patience.

The GAPPS members thank everyone for attending a great night of discussion.  GAPPS will be planning similar forums on current issues.