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Graduate Certificate in Survey Research

Online Graduate Certificate in Survey Research

The Online Graduate Certificate in Survey Research prepares students to use survey research in their careers. Students completing their 12-credit certificate will learn the skills and competencies needed to conduct high-quality survey research. These competencies include: questionnaire design, sampling techniques, statistical data analysis, data presentation and sources of public opinion formation. The certificate courses can be applied to the Master of Arts in Survey Research provided the student makes the decision to apply to the Master’s degree program prior to having the certificate awarded.


The following courses are recommended for completion of the graduate certificate. Graduate certificate students and their advisors decide the most appropriate course of study.

View our course descriptions for more information.

Course Name Core/Elective Credits Semester
PP 5379 Principles & Methods of Survey Research I C 3 Fall, Spring
Choose three of the following*      
PP 5322 Evaluating Public Programs E 3 Summer
PP 5332 Advanced Quantitative Methods E 3 Spring
PP 5376 Applied Quantitative Methods** E 3 Fall
PP 5377 Qualitative Methods in Survey Research** E 3 Fall
PP 5382 Project Management E 3 Fall
PP 5384 Political Polling E 3 Spring
PP 5385 Attitude Formation** E 3 Fall
PP 5386 Survey Research Analysis & Reporting E 3 Spring
PP 5387 Surveys for Market Research E 3 Spring
PP 5397 Applied Survey Research: Stata E 1 Summer
PP 5397 Applied Survey Research: SPSS E 1 Summer
PP 5397 Applied Survey Research: R E 1 Summer
PP 5397 Introduction to Multipopulation Survey Research E 3 Summer
PP 5397 Principles & Methods of Survey Research II E 3 Spring
PP 5397 Seminar in the Future of Survey Research E 3 Fall

* students must take 12 credits in the UConn GPSR to earn a Graduate certificate
** recommended track for students who do not have professional survey research

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The Survey Research Certificate is administered by the Graduate Program in Survey Research, a fully-online program.